Nfl 2018/19


And Louisiana.

Wife and I went to a Saints game last season when we were in N’awlins. Whole city is a buzz on gameday. Randon convos with fans about the game, everyone decked out in Saints gear, cashiers dropping random "who dat"s when counting out your change, people taking over downtown parking lots for tailgate parties…it’s a lot of fun.

They go nuts for LSU Tigers football, too.


I’d probably suggest that tourism, music and food are pretty big in Louisiana too. The three states I mentioned have little else but college football…zero pro teams, bugger all reason to go there.

Except some SC tourism -Charleston is a pretty town, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach.


Trevor Lawrence has at least 2 more years of College Football where he better hope he does not cop any serious long term injuries.

Otherwise the only people who are going to profit from his talent are Clemson and the NCAA.


Surely he’d declare for the draft if he has another good year next season.


Already a lot of talk that QB-needy teams should, ahem, approach results next year with an eye to the 2020 draft…


He’s a Freshman…he can’t declare for the draft until his High School class has been out of High School for at least 3 years.

He’s got at least another 2 years at Clemson.


I thought he was a red-shirt.
Fair enough then.


Can you imagine an AFL coach getting sacked and then hired as the Head Coach of another team 2-3 weeks later?

Adam Gase has been hired as the new Head Coach of the NY Jets after being sacked by the Dolphins at the end of the season.


Shows how much actual coaching talent is out there…bugger all


That’s why the Bucs are bringing Bruce Arians out of retirement.


Yeah, but it’s only the Jets


Browns hire Freddie Kitchens (their OC) as head coach.


Best weekend of football starts at 8.30.
Spewing Denver ain’t there but will still be watching all 4 games.
Am cheering for Brees and Rivers this weekend.


KC absolutely dominant to this point.
At least the Colts have slowed them down in the 3rd.


KC easily win.
Cowboys leading the Rams 7-6


Rams running all over the Cowboys.


suck a fat one Dallas


Now for the Eagles to be smoked


Pats too


I would like to see Rivers rip New England apart tomorrow if we are doing a Wishlist.