Nfl 2018/19


Would like to see a Essendon version!


Hot start to this one.


This one is O-V-E-R. Pats destroying the Chargers.


Nice start from Brees. Let’s hope he keeps that up


At least we are giving Brees something to chase


Saints getting murdered. They’d want to turn it around in a hurry because this will be over very quickly at the rate its going.


Foles picked off at the NO 21, that might just get them started.


As an Eagles fan. Even if 30 up… still feel Brees would get us


Despite needing a fake punt along the way, the Saints take it all the way and it’s 14-7


After a couple of punts, the Saints have enough time to score a FG just on half time 14-10.

You wonder if the Eagles have fired their best shot and the Saints will be all over them in the 2nd half?


Other than the start of the 1st the Saints have been all over the Eagles


Saints were very lucky to be so close at half time, IMO
I do get the feeling the Eagles have fired their best shot and they might struggle from here.

No matter - an 11.29 m drive, for most of the 3rd, gets the Saints the lead 14-17


Eagles with zero offense in the 2nd half.
Saints lead 14-20, another score will put it out of reach.




Just in time to see NO miss a FG and keep the last few minutes interesting.

One score game still. Philly with the ball, 3 mins left, down 14-20.


all over now


Lattimore with his 2nd pick. Bye bye, Eagles.


Nothing stupid now


Saints should be able to run out the clock.


Saints v Rams is very hard to pick.
Anyway the winner will have my support 3 weeks time in Atlanta.