Nfl 2018/19


I don’t dislike KC but just can’t see them stopping the Pats unfortunately so on that basis I’ll be throwing my support behind anyone else


Got to stay loyal to my NFC brethren. Go Rams / Saints.


That’s interesting.
I see it the other way - I can’t see The Pats stopping The Chiefs at home.
I can’t stand either of them and have been slower than most around here to warm to Mahones.
Personally think The Pats blew it with The Chiefs by losing The Miracle in Miami and giving Kansas City home field.

Mind you I’ve been putrid with my picks so far in this playoff series.


It’s hard to see either defense stopping the opposing offense, sets up like a shoot-out for mine.


Sounds like I’m one out on the Chiefs Bandwagon.


I have no objection to the Chiefs winning it all. Equally no objection to the Saints or Rams winning it.


Absolutely anybody apart from New England.


Lol yeah but that’s not the same as actively wanting a team to win.


Can’t imagine any Chiefs fans going for us when we played Carolina a couple of years ago.
One of my good mates follows them and he was praying we didn’t win.
I love my bud but ■■■■ him and his underachieving franchise.


Patriots show they still have it. Sony Michel set up the win… unstoppable early!
Bring on the Chiefs!


Edelman was at his best. James White did his typical playoff performance where he just destroys teams out of the backfield.

Getting Josh Gordon back would be handy…

Our makeshift offence couldn’t be stopped by the Chargers plain and simple. They didn’t know what hit them and the game was well and truly done by halftime.


How good was it to see Jules up and about again! So much love for him…now if Gronk could get going for 2 more games before retirement


I like their chances too. Mahomes in amazing form,

But that Brees Thomas combo is something else too.

I don’t really care, but I would like the few remaining games to be of higher quality and more competitive than most of last weekends games.

Always a week to look fwd too, and it was mainly a bore fest. Pizzed me off.


Folks may remember the emotional story of Marquise Goodwin (49er receiver) scoring an incredible TD just days after his wife and he lost their first born to still birth. This past season Goodwin missed a couple of games due to “personal reasons” and only today did the truth come out. I must admit, I am teary eyed. Can’t imagine this loss…


That’s devastating DM. You can have families who have zero issues having kids, then you have families like this where it is one heart ache after another. I hope they can find a way through this and eventually have a successful birth.


When I lived in the states I was a huge Montana fan so I naturally followed him when he went to KC & I’ve semi followed them ever since. My schedule this year has allowed me to watch a lot more games so I’ve been very excited watching Mahomes have that same type of influence. I’ve never followed the game close enough to know why certain teams are liked & hated but as you point out there doesn’t seem to be many on the bandwagon here - why is that? I get that the Pats have won enough so neutrals aren’t going to get on them but I would have thought a team like KC who play a very exciting high scoring game would appeal. The game against the Pats earlier in the year was like the day Ablett kicked 14 & Salmon 10.

I was hoping the Chargers would somehow take the Pats out for us but I fear that again it will be a shootout & the Pats might just be too strong offensively. Hunt would have been handy.


Broncos fans don’t like either The Raiders or Chiefs.
To be honest we really dislike The Pats also but that is more a respect/hate sort of thing.

Can’t argue with you about The Chiefs though being good on the eye this year though.
When they have the ball they are one of the most dynamic explosive teams I can remember seeing.
That being said though their D hadn’t been able to stop a cold up until last week and I really like watching good D.

For the record I reckon they will handle The Pats this Monday morning but I’m praying The NFC wins the lot.


Brees & The Saints look switched on straight out of the gate.


Brilliant throw from Goff to Cooks there.


Just saw the most blatant and obvious pass interference ever in a game of a NFL and it wasn’t called. It shouldn’t cost the Saints the game but it could have.