Nfl 2018/19


Has there ever been a more blatant penalty not paid for pass interference there?

There have been some tiggy-touchwood rubbish ones paid recently, and there you have a cornerback not looking at the ball taking the receiver high well before the ball gets there.

Would almost have sealed it for the Saints, now the Rams are asvancing with 44 seconds left.


And I could be wrong, Rams are pretty much in FG range.


Geez, good job refs in not calling something that was blatant. Why the hell do they have so many refs on the field if none of them can call properly?


Saints turn it over in OT


Rams win on a 57-yard FG.


Saints lose because of one appalling ref none decision.


That was more like it. Into OT, and a clutch FG to win it.


Saints were robbed…obvious, plain as day PI call, that was somehow missed or deemed fair play.

Must have been pretty galling for the Saints to see the Rams DB on the sidelines acting like he made some sort of miraculous defensive play.


This Pats start against KC is ominous.


Pats all over KC


Saints robbed. Plain and simple. Yikes.


Should be 21-0 at the Half.



17 - 14 now with KC coming back strongly.


Huge ref call on a touched return. Right call was made unfortunately.


Doesn’t matter anyway, interception!

nope it is being reviewed on challenge, probably overturned.

Yep incomplete pass. Pats skating a fine line and winning atm.

Chiefs now score a TD and have the lead.

Geez the Pats are getting all the calls favouring them by the refs.


Come on Chiefs, FFS!!


Brady’s going to do this isnt he


Not just him, his whole friggin team always does it


It’s a Power Rangers episode
It’s a John Cena match
It’s an MCU movie

Of course Brady’s gonna win the AFCCG


I wonder what the odds were for both games going into OT? Would have been a nice payout.