Nfl 2018/19


If Archie Manning was gay, Brady would have a ring for each finger and thumb.


Wow. Clutch. GOAT.


WHAT A TEAM!!! Lets GO!!!


Oh well, another SB I won’t be watching


Tony Romo is honest to god the best commentator of any sport in the world at the moment. He makes the game 100% more fascinating and enjoyable to watch.


The last 3 patriots superbowls have been some of the best games ever…your loss


Way to go Conference Championship games.

Wanted a Kanas vs New Orleans Superbowl. A despicable non call by the refs and the best QB to have ever played the game away from getting what I wanted.

Also don’t understand the NFL’s overtimes rules, surely you want to see if Mahomes can orchestra a drive to score a TD and level the game before going to golden point. It seems in this game that who ever won the toss heading into overtime was going to win the game just due to way both Brady and Mahomes were playing.


Don’t like the Pats so not interested in watching them win again


I don’t like them either, but I always watch the SB and cheer on the other side (not that this seems to help).


Had a look at that no-call

What the devil

Now I’m not one for games-rigged-to-promote-in-target-markets conspiracy theories but COME ON


I’m the same with AFL GF’s. If my team isn’t it I’m hardly interested


No horse in either race today however if I were a Saints fan then it would hide the razor blades time.
Got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding me refs.

Go Rams in two weeks.


I’ll watch and I’ll be ■■■■ faced by midday as I am most years :grin: but jeebus I hope the Pats get done again.


Anyone hating on the Pats is just a hater. It’s incredible watching Brady and Belicheck.


I enjoyed watching them lose last year to Philly.
Hopefully The Rams do them also.


Does the Superbowl come down to a battle of Brady vs Donald


Saints were stiff, but what about the KC player who got called for offside when they intercepted. That cost them a Super Bowl appearance.

Side note: Been watching QB1 on Netflix covering some high school QB in their senior year.

Season 1’s QBs better then season 2s.

Nate Martell went through his high seasons undefeated, bit of a tool but he can throw a pill.


Yep, I’m conformable with that.

■■■■ the Pats!


Moot point now but who would be the better match up for pats in the superbowl? Saints or Rams?


You mean Tate Martell? He is having issues at Ohio State because Justin Fields from season 2 transferred there. Definitely agree his high school career was amazing.

Jake Fromm is doing very well at Georgia. In fact they won the sec championship in his freshman year and he was qb.