Nfl 2018/19



Us against the world as per usual!

@goldengoose we have done it again my boy!

The fact that Brady has gotten this offence to another Super Bowl is nothing short of incredible.

Edelman and Gronk just seemed to flick a switch and played as if they were still in their prime.

Going to be another great game!


Yep, I meant Tate, what happen with Justin at Georgia?

Jake Fromm, is your stereotypical all American wholesome guy Hollywood makes movies about. Very likeable, hope he makes it and thrives in the NFL, has a great family behind him.


Don’t know about Fields, might have been Fromm was entrenched at qb and he was not getting enough opportunity and thought going somewhere else would be better.


Thought the ref must have missed the PI call in the Saints game but more disturbingly he clearly saw the contact and deemed it legal.

It’s one thing to miss a call, it another to completely ■■■■ a call up with incompetence.




Particularly considering the BS PI calls that have been made. Almost as if you know that a drive is going to be continued, no matter what.


Wtf is this right, a Hawks fan giving it to me about how boring it is having the Patriots in a 3rd SB in a row 4-5 SBs. A Hawks Fan!!!


Still salty about not letting Beast Mode do his thing from the ONE YARD LINE!

Still my greatest 49ers memory in recent times :slight_smile:


AFL Hawks.


Yikes. Well, we will always have the Lloydy hit…


What are people doing for the Superbowl.

Got a few people over Monday morning, day drinking, pizza and hopefully a win!


Going to The Sporting Globe with friends.
All going for The Rams.


Got some mates coming over, gonna BBQ some meat, drink myself silly and yell lots of not nice things at the TV about Brady and the Pats…


Heading to the Notting Hill function to drink Buds, eat wings & hopefully see the Rams win. Its probably the only day of the year where I have a beer before 10:00am.


Was talking to a 41yo colleague. Originally from Boston and obviously a huge Pats fan. “Do you appreciate how unbelievably good you have had it these past 18yrs? DO YOU?!?!” I asked him.

Smug smile in return.

Consider this. Brady has LOST more Superbowls than Essendon has played in Finals in the last dozen years.


Might help if they played in a division where there weren’t 3 other blonk teams that never even look like improving.


Ain’t that the truth.


Blame the Patriots for that…can only play what the NFL gives you. Beat the Chiefs in KC…that was impressive


For anyone wondering why people hate the Pats


Missed this one from earlier.

“Anyone hating on the Hawks is just a hater. It’s incredible watching Hodge and Clarkson.”