Nfl 2018/19


There’s no comparison to the Hawks and the Pats. Pats have dominated the league for 20 years Hawks had 5 good years at most, similar to Geelong, Sydney.


Fans of both teams are insufferable, smug wankers.


Am not


Are too


The coin toss is what won it for you.
Mahomes gets that ball in OT and personally I think The Pats aren’t playing in Atlanta.

Granted u played well in a hostile environment.


Been said before, but they really need to change that overtime rule, it’s horrible.

Let the teams match each other atleast.


Could go forever


It wouldn’t, as soon as one team doesn’t match the other it’s over, just give both sides an even go.

Fairer, more tension, better spectacle.


If they did let them try and match, imagine the tension of a KC fourth down in that last game.

Would have been nail biting.


Or if KC scored, do they match with a FG or go for glory on the 2 pointer.

Imagine the crowd as they lined up, then picture the moment if the Pats stuffed them on the line.

Works both ways.


I am in Boston and the place is just crazy today.

The Hotel (Marriot Copley Square), has a bar called Champions, has a screen about 20 x 20 metres and last night was full of ex-Patriot champs.

I have booked a pot here for the game and will post photos if I am sober enough.


Got up early, walked the dogs, finished breakfast. Pumped. l don’t have a dog in this fight, but a mate here goes for the Pats, so l will too. I just hope they can fit the one hour game into the 4 hour telecast time slot.


Took the day off to watch it.
So it’s feet up for a relaxing day of Superbowl and the cricket.


One monitor for writing/playing, second one for Superbowl, telly beside me for cricket. My day is set.


A drink for every time they comment about McVeigh being the youngest coach taking his team to the SB.


7 mate or Foxtel coverage better??


The Americans do patriotism damn well.


I went 7 because there is one clown in the commentary on FT that was annoying the pants off me.


interception against Brady!


I seem to learn a new rule every game