Nfl 2018/19


Pats missed FG


Gostowski is useless in SB’s.


Close early. Still feeling each other out. Rams defense has been reading the running game of Pats very easy early. Interesting to see how they adjust.


Pats are really controlling the game and holding onto the ball more. Rams are in trouble imo, Pats will play a lot better after half time.


Pats FG


I thought the Rams D was doing pretty well, but they have no answer for Edelman.

But yeah you’re right about their offense, going nowhere atm.


Not a classic thus far


yep - finds space easily


Boring so far. Rams have been useless on offence


Without that combo, they’d be struggling as much as the Rams.


I don’t mind Maroon 5, but this is not an exciting HT show.


I tune in and watch the superbowl most years and honestly every year I wonder how anyone enjoys this in real time.
Stoppage. Ads. Stoppage. 20s of play. Time out. 20s of play. More ads.

Great if you’re a fan of white middle aged guys talking into headsets.


Do you like anything?


Not so boring here in Boston

Imagine 1000 people jammed into the sports bar at Crown screaming for Patriots. This is the wildest sports crowd I have ever seen, and I am easily 20 years older than everyone.

Been drinking jars of Sam Adams Red Brick now for four hours, luckily my room is only an elevator ride away.

Now the halftime show some ladies dancing on tables, reckon I will be a mess tomorrow


Edelman the only one standing up so far


I actually like watching gridiron on replays, with all the BS cut out. It’s just too annoying in real time.


Not an exciting game in terms of action, but an absorbing contest. Pats are threatening to break through. Rams look less then convincing on offence. Brady is so good at working out was to pick a defence apart. Edelman is a wizard.


Post reported…


Do you


Considering I took the day off and I am watching the SB and cricket, then the answer is yes. I didn’t come into the NFL thread and sook about the NFL.