Nfl 2018/19


Pretty much its Edelman, daylight, then the rest.


At least it’s close


It feels like it is only a matter of time until the Pats score, so close to breaking it open.

Just wish the Rams would get something going but it seems unlikely atm.


You would think that is the game right there.


The Crowd has gone completely off. ■■■■ are out !!


Put’em away @Bacchusfox


Watts is on his way.


It’s over




Will be interesting who they give MVP to, shouldn’t be Brady he was not very good.


Edelman - not sure why they didn’t tag him


Ask Woosha


and there’s the alley-oop


Sony Michel was pretty good too.




Worst game I’ve watched this season. Rams play calls were friggin amateur at times- 3rd and 22 and you rush!!! I’m not a Pats hater but FFS Rams didn’t look like they deserved to be there. Saints would have been a much better spectacle.




Absolutely stoked. The D was absolutely rubbish all season…then bang…come January they showed up!!!

Edelman was the difference…mvp and deserved it!!


What’s a gridiron



6 rings each for Bill and Tom now and they want more still.

Tom had two reliable options this post-season (and the majority of this year) and they were Edelman and Michel.

Pats will load up with draft picks and FA’s to put around him next season and make it easier.

He was perceived as having a down year this year and I agree but I’d say a hell of a lot of that was because of the cattle they had around him which was Edelman and uhhhh… Josh Gordon for a few games and then… Mhhhmmmm??..

The O-line got better and better as the year went on and dominated defensive lines.

Michel blossomed with every game and looks like becoming a stud. Gilmore took his game to another level and our secondary seemed to get better despite losing butler and others over the past couple of seasons.

We were arguably one of the least talented teams on paper going into the playoffs and yet we still pulled it out through pure determination and a real “backs against the wall” and underdog mentality.

Think I remember hearing some say after the SB last year that it was “the end of an era” and yet here we are. Champions again.

Let’s go @goldengoose!