Nfl 2018/19


Just watched the replay.

Fk it… *yawn


Your post was longer than the highlights package.


Come on, … there was the longest punt by a yard in SB history, … and, … ummmm


Don’t forget the 2nd longest field goal in Superbowl history.


To The Pats fans around here congrats.

5 years ago we laid an egg in the big one against Seattle but they were awesome.
I felt today both teams laid an egg.

Not every painting is a Picasso I guess but man that was sleep therapy watching that today.


Worst Super Bowl I have ever seen (coming up on 25 now). Little to no drama. Some putrid offensive calling (though, to both teams’ credit, their defenses did great considering how long they were on the field). The right team won in the end. Surprisingly, this is the Pats’ biggest winning margin in a Super Bowl.

It will be interesting to see how the Rams react. 33yo head coach and 24yo QB. Could go one of 2 ways. Scarred for life and unable to get over it OR chalk it down to learning and create a dynasty.


That pass play on 3rd and 3 or so was dumb as by Rams. Gurley was running well at that point… would of handed it off. Think it was in the 2nd


Gronk will retire


Not sure if serious, can never tell with you. However the gridiron is the face grill on the helmet. Some use that term as the name for the game instead of just NFL.


Best I have ever seen.

Sam Adams Red Brick, bouncing nubile breasts and yep there was a footy game. Everyone in Boston is happy and tomorrow we have the Patriots Parade through the city which should be another blast. If it was not so cold here, it would be a great place to live.


Yes the following in Aus is growing.


Glad to see you are making the most of it! Take photos (of the parade, I mean).


I am back in SF on the 9th and leave back to Oz on 15th, so best you make yourself available.

Condor Club !!!


They reckon that he will go into acting/WWE.

Good on him if he did. He looked pretty cooked this year at times.

Still a HOFer.


Now I’m not sure if you’re being serious - you know Gridiron is from the way the field is divided yeah? Originally the whole field was like a chequerboard similar to a gridiron that was used for cooking - the name stuck.





Anyone catch the first weekend of AAF (Alliance of America Football)

I liked what I saw…some pretty big hits…cool innovations as well.

So at some stage will there be Football 10 months of 12 with XFL coming as well


I saw a highlights video including the massive sack on the QB which would be a penalty in NFL but ok in this new format - so lots to like. Whats the deal though, are they next level down players, College age or maybe even retired NFL? Is it meant to compliment NFL or compete?


Kareem Hunt signed by the Browns.


Blokes that couldn’t make the NFL…some cut NFL Players. Hackenberg and Mettenberg are at Memphis