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Nothing good will come of this.


Just when they were looking like they were on the up. I am assuming he will miss the bulk of the season through suspension anyway…


The guy is a repeat offender. Why would you bother?


I’ve been nursing this for a while, but I’m more than a bit perplexed / disappointed in the NFL’s African American players.

Can’t understand why they didn’t do something to back up and stand in solidarity with Colin Kapernick. It’s fkn disgusting what has happened to this bloke simply because a racist douchebag President ranted and raved about the kneeling, … and I fully expected they’d do something, … even stand out / strike in protest until he was treated properly and given a slot.

The comp would screech to a dead halt without them, do they not realise the power they have? Are they fkn soft / scared? Or am I missing something? :thinking:




I believe they all know they are very easily replaced, its so cut throat.


Maybe some, maybe even a lot didn’t believe there was any reason to protest. He’d been replaced in the starting lineup halfway through 2015 & he didn’t start the kneeling for the anthem until pre-season 2016 so its fantasy to suggest he was some great player in great form brought down by Trump - I’m pretty sure his protests started before Trump was even elected. Kapernick’s form was patchy & it was his decision to not exercise his option to stay at SF. A free agent from a side with the second worst record in the game & his personal return of 1 win from 10 starts in that season. Maybe nobody thought he was worth a slot at 29 with that record, maybe he’s a flog that no club wanted around hence why even his team mates have shown no sign of protest, maybe he thought he was worth a lot more money than any club would pay.


Top ‘fro, but!


Here is a salient article. To repeat for the millionth time, one but only needs to look at the list of backup QBs in the NFL to acknowledge what is going on with Kap.


Looks like Joey F will be throwing the ball for us next season.
Can’t say I’m overwhelmed with joy with that decision from Elway.


If Peterman can get a gig and kap cant because of form…I will go walk into traffic


You will love this:



tin foil hat brigade hard at work


Hear that Kap wanted 20m to play AAF. The guys becoming a joke


I don’t think it’s collusion, I just don’t think teams feel that his talent outweighs the distraction that would come from signing him. If he was as talented as Brady or Brees etc then he would have been signed in a nanosecond.

The real concern for me is why his actions have caused such an outrage in the first place.


This is Colin Kaepernick we are talking about here isn’t it?

The guy who couldn’t hit the side of a barn the last couple of seasons in San Fran??

It really isn’t that baffling to me why he hasn’t been signed.


Peterman is 24 & if you saw some of Kapernick’s games in 2016 you would see a resemblance. 4 passing yards in a game before getting benched should be enough to tell anyone using logic that Kapernick was finished. I don’t know if he had physical reasons or it was all mental but he was nothing like the player he had been so any comparisons including his early career stats are meaningless. No doubting at all that at 1 point he was a very good player. No doubting at all that at 1 point in time he would have walked into most teams but that wasn’t the case prior to his political statements & they did nothing to turn his form around.

Hear that Kap wanted 20m to play AAF. The guys becoming a joke

Now if thats true I think that goes to my earlier point that maybe he’s a flog who overrated his own value & so comparing Peterman who’s probably signed for peanuts to Kapernick who still thinks he’s worth big bucks is chalk & cheese.


Kap was never going to be more than he started out as. A lot of talk that was going around was that he would be good for a few seasons and that would be that, he was never considered a long term franchise type QB, might be reasonable as a bacup. But then you add in his poor personality then you have a player that clubs think about before considering taking him. There is far more at play than the media focus on his political statements.


The NFL has “resolved” the claims by Kap and Eric Reid. Meaning that as we speak both gentlemen are cashing enormous checks paid by the NFL to make them go away. Which, as we all know, means that the NFL’s claim of being innocent only went so far…


Yeah & EFC resolved its claims with the rodeo clown so I guess that means we definitely dismissed him unfairly even though we didn’t actually dismiss him & he was directly responsible for Dank.