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54 minutes on the stats of punting?


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged with misdemeanour solicitation of prostitution after he was twice videotaped paying for a sex act at an illicit massage parlour, police in Florida said.

Jupiter police told reporters the 77-year-old Kraft hasn’t been arrested. A warrant will be issued and his attorneys will be notified. Kraft has denied wrongdoing.

Police said details about the charges against Kraft will not be released until next week.

The charge comes amid a widespread crackdown on sex trafficking from Palm Beach to Orlando. Hundreds of arrest warrants have been issued in recent days as result of a six-month investigation and more are expected. Ten spas have been closed and several people charged with sex trafficking have been taken into custody.



Just amazing, guy is worth billions and goes to a massage parlour. You would think he would have people arrange certain things for him if required.


Old white bloke with loads of cash hires hooker for a bit of slap and tickle.

Knock me over with a fkn feather.

THIS is a story?? Really?


No actually the story is about the parlour he went to being used for asian women slavery and being forced into prostitution after being smuggled into the country and locked in these sex dens. But if yu read the story you would know that.


at least this rich old white bloke paid for his entertainment (right ncaa?)



A Brown traded to the Raiders for bargain selection of later draft picks.
Odell Beckham Jr to the Browns for pick 17


Unbelievable. Wow.


If Baker plays to his potential and Hunt doesn’t get banned for life they have one hell of an offence

Peppers and first rd pick to Giants.


Reports that the 49ners and Chiefs are working out a deal for Dee Ford, which would involve him a signing a 5 year/$87.5 million contract with the 49ners and then 49ners trading a 2020 2nd round pick to the Chiefs.


Bell to the Jets, 4 years $52M dollars (as a free agent)


Dee Ford to 49ners on a 5 years/$87.5 million deal with a 2020 2nd Round Pick going back to the Chiefs deal pending.


Excited by this. Now to get Earl Thomas.


4 years sitting by watching teams dominate you…Bell does it all for the money


The Jets, where careers go and die. But he’ll be rich.