Nfl 2018/19


Has gone to Baltimore


Missed opportunity but in the end the $32M guaranteed was very very rich for the Niners I would have thought.

Chatter that we may be in to AJ Green if the Bengals are thinking of moving him on.


Pats pick up 5 guys I have never heard of…yay…probably turn them into Kyle Van Noy quality haha


We did just pick up Michael Bennett though which is decent.


Yeah, hoping Marty wants in too!


Oh man, what a terrible start to the week…bombers get smashed and then GRONK Retires…let me crawl back into bed


There’s a better than zero chance he’ll unretire sometime next season. Stay tuned.



Drafts live

Bosa taken by the 49ers with their first pick (#2 overall)

That is now the father and two sons taken as a the first round pick


Kyler Murray (QB Heisman-winner) taken first pick by Cardinals.


Will be interesting to see how the Bay Area reacts to Bosa - a known Trump supporter who has liked tweets comparing SF to a “third world country”. I suspect winning will wash over any past comments.


NYG with a huge reach for a QB in Daniel Jones, and take him at 6.
He’s barely 1st round worthy!


Kyler Murray number 1… Jesus. Has to mean that they don’t rate Rozen.

N’Keal Harry to my Pats! Happy with that!


Tyreek Hill / If this story is true.
Get the ■■■■ out of the league immediately.


Redskins killed that first round. Haskins fell into their lap at #15 and trading up for Sweat at #27 was smart.


All evidence points to it being true. 3yo kids don’t lie about stuff like that. Just devastating to see this cycle of violence and then the fact that instead of holding Hill accountable and getting his child help its all about his contract and the “financial incentives” for his girlfriend and him to lie.


The odds on this statement being true prior to the draft would have been astronomical but yes, they did surprisingly well.


Haha, true.

It’s the Skins, they’ll find a way to ■■■■ it up somehow.


Pat Bowlen - RIP