Nfl 2018/19


My Seahawks look rubbish! Horrible offense, can’t protect Wilson, been sacked about three times already today. Post legion of boom era looks very ordinary indeed.


Call the season off now!


Tied at 17 with 6 mins to go in the 3rd. D still looks good, picking off Keenum 3x and the O has been OK. Denver’s D is still damn solid.

Not a super bowl contender, but should be thereabouts for a wild card spot.


Neither O looks good


AP moves into 10th all-time for rushing yards, and scores his 100th career TD. Also closing in on 100 yards rushing for the game.

Say what you about him as a parent, but he’s been a hell of a player.


Missed FG, Cowboys still shut out. Fabulous.


Yeah nah. They’re rubbish, especially the O line which hasn’t improved since last season. Wilson has been sacked five times today! Obviously losing Baldwin hasn’t helped today but even so, very ordinary indeed.


Niners shoot themselves in the foot at the Vikings :frowning:


Make that six times sacked. Wilson is the Seattle O. No running game & they rush the pass every time. Very predictable.


Patriots went to sleep in the end…started well enough to get the win


that doesn’t look good for Rodgers.


Rodgers out with a bad leg hit and the Packers have fallen apart.


Khalil Mack winning love in Chicago with an interception return for a TD to lead 17-0 at Lambeau.


Keenum threw interceptions galore today but I reckon he will be better for the run after his 1st game for us.
The D looked good.

Didn’t see The Bucs downing The Saints coming.


Rodgers is back


Packers take the lead with 2 mins left


This is the most unrealistic storyline ever. Monday Night Football has jumped the shark with this episode.


Packers win


Kalil Mack dominated the first half.

Rodgers dominated the 2nd half slightly better, on only one leg.


and that is why he has been given the biggest contract ever in the NFL