Nfl 2018/19


Get him going this week…against the Lions…Go routs…Deep threat…will take the heat off Gronk


Josh is bunked next to Tom in the Locker room whilst Jules is out. Perfect!!
Number 10 Gordon Jerseys already on sale via Fanatics. The new Jersey looks horrible thou…


Taylor knocked out of the Browns line-up by the Jets.
Baker Mayfield lighting it up for the Browns and has brought them back level at 14-14


This Bears fan’s troll level is god-like:





Disaster in Kansas City for my Niners. Jimmy G suffers potentially season-ending knee injury.

See you in 2019.


Defense is illegal.


Cop that Packers


Sits waits. Gets his chance…blows out knee. Well at least he is loaded


Not in Minnesota


Depressing beyond belief.


Yeah I feel for you. I was looking forward to seeing him shine. Also have him on my Roster in Fantasy.

The scores today are amazing. So many upsets


And another coming hopefully. Detroit up 20-10 over New England with 4 to go in the 3rd.

Lions have had 29 minutes in possession to 12.


I so want the Lions to win this, but you can see the Pats are fighting back now.


Pats 4 and out, and Lions have made good ground in this set. Orange time.

But only an FG. 23-10 with 13 to play. Well within reach for the likes of Brady.

Another fruitless Pats drive starting with an intentional grounding and finishing with a sack.

Brady intercepted, but 15-yd penalty on the run back. Was returned to midfield.


This is what Belichick gets for the blatant arrogance of going into this season after trading every single offensive weapon other than Gronk and Edelman away and still thinking that he can get the job done.

You have the GOAT and current MVP and this is the team that you put around him.

Farking disgrace. Serve you right.


Agreed. Unbelievable.

See how we go in October thou…normally pretty terrible in Sept


Another 4 and out for the Pats. Lions are double-teaming Gronkowski with success.

Lions have had their first payer rush for 100 yds in 5 years.

Lions take over in their own red zone…3.16 to go.


I know, right

Matthews should just straight up murder the next QB he sees. He’ll cop 15 anyway so why not.