Nfl 2018/19


They had the biggest running lanes I have seen


Having thought through Jimmy G going down and the fact that it effectively ends our season in Week 3, I am a tad more composed this morning.

We were always going to be a long shot to make the playoffs. I had predicted a 10-6 season with the 2 games against Seattle determining whether we went 8-8 or 10-6. All that is shot. Hopefully we can win 2-3 more games but with QB being the single most important position in all of sports, I am not holding my breath.

So, time to keep trying all the young kids. With our coaching and front office staff we are loaded for the long run. Will not hurt to land another top-10 draft pick.

Lastly, we dodged a bullet by not mortgaging our future picks to get Khalil Mack. Imagine how that would be playing out now :frowning:


There’s this guy called Kaepernick. Is he available still?


This Vikes vs Rams game is a beauty. Goff on fire with 5 TD throws before end of Q3.


I was at this game! First NFL game…




Patriots made the 3-0 Dolphins look terrible. They turned it around but now have a short week with the Colts Friday.


I think you can stick a fork in the Steelers for this season now :frowning:


Rudolph get a run soon? Big Ben gonna pull the pin


Probably not; Ben is going ok, better than ok, but no run game and the D are horrible is killing us.


Can we talk about the Bears for a second?


The Colts have a short week too.
This will be interesting to see how McDaniel goes against the team he could have been coach of.
They’re mid range on Offense and Defense.
Patriots should be too good.


Genuine threat. Trubisky is a star…still cant believe Mack is playing for the Bears.


We will run all over them…watch for White/Michel to have big games


Mack changed everything. I pretty much wrote the Bears off, but not anymore.


Mahomes is for reeeeeeeal.


At this stage one would have to say Chiefs v Pats (can never count them out) for the AFC and Rams vs Vikings for the NFC.

Rams v Chiefs in the Super Bowl?


Vikings??? Man did you see them get pumped by the Bills


Vikes are decent but not having Griffen hurts big time.

Their schedule should open up a bit now though.


Their Defense is too good for what they have dished out. I still think they are still the best non-Rams team in the NFC.