Nfl 2018/19


I always believe Nov sorts everything out…weather change…injuries…we will see


You guys are getting way too excited about the Chiefs.
We are an average team this season and should have won the game.
Yes The Chiefs will win The AFC West but like always will choke when it counts.
The Jags are better than them and New England will be by the end of the season.

We suck.


Only October and the New York teams are showing up for another season of nothing (again)




At least we have baseball (only to get rolled by Boston)


Number of 400yds + passing games (each year is 256 games):
2014: 11 400-yard passing performances in 256 games
2015: 10
2016: 12
2017: 8
2018: 12 through 63 games


White and Michel had big games. 2 drops into INT for Brady…need to clean that up. With Gordon coming on Hogan is almost out of a job with his lack of production


Brady is 41 and still running up those numbers, oh my.


Yep. Still looks 30 thou


They ruled the second one a catch and then a fumble but I take your point.

They need to take more care with the ball.

Two big statement games in a row for the Pats now.

Need to keep this form going though.


Man Pats fan has a different perspective on acceptable form



We certainly do, I agree.

We have been spoilt for the best part of 20 years.

But we have to make the most of it whilst Brady and Bill are still around because if history shows us anything, it doesn’t last forever.


Well The Chiefs made me look foolish today however I still reckon they will crumble like always in the big stuff.

Unfortunately the only thing I was right about is us sucking.
We suck beyond belief.
Destroyed by The Jets - pathetic.


Gano knocks over a 63 yarder for the walk off win for the Panthers and gets Newton out of strife.


That’d have to be close to longest field goal ever converted?


2nd longest IIRC, 64 yarder is the longest, at the end the 1st half in a blow-out.
63 yards to win, is really clutch.


They reversed the call to a INT




Houston win in OT, great finish


Terrible game.
8 FG attempts, 7 punts, 3 interceptions, bugger all big plays.
Texans should never allowed it to get to OT.