Nfl 2018/19


Brees goes past Peyton and Favre and is now all time passing yards leader. Not bad for a 5’10" QB flicked by his first team due to shoulder concerns.

We won’t talk about the score. Farking skins…


Drew Brees
183 94kg
6ft, 209lb
Solid QB
Wish we had a consistant QB like him.


Wentz looking better again. Warming into the season


Giants heating up for a 1-5 season start, with the largest contract in the league

hot mess


Time for Eli to move on


That was Rodgers and the Packers.


Steelers slowly getting back on track with a win over Cinci
Gurley runs for 208 yards in the Rams tough win over the Broncos in a very cold and snowy game.
Pats offense dismantling KC in the first half. Pats giving up plenty of yardage too, but making stops at the right time and limiting the damage to FGs


Great comeback by the Chiefs. Going to be a great finish to the game. Mahomes is a jet. 2 great sides really going for it.


Not much D being played here.


Pats went up 40-33 on an FG And Chiefs replied with a 75-yd TD 12 secs later


Pats win 43-40 on the final siren


Great finish, glad to see the Pats win. Keeps the AFC west alive a liitle, but jeez, Chiefs are hard to beat.
Dolphins- Bears was a good game also.
Good season this year with no easy games.


Two of the worst defences in the league.
And two of the best offences as well.


Mahomes is going to torch a lot of good Ds this year.
And Brady has been for years. What surprised me was how much ground game the Pats were able to generate.
173 yards rushing!

Just under 950 yards total offense in that game!


Talk about a shootout.

What a win.

We’ve really bounced back after our poor start to the season.

Josh Gordon looks like he could be a real difference maker if he can stay out of trouble. A big guy who has great hands and is quick and powerful. We know the last guy like that the Pats had…


With Allen going down our season is sunk!


His challenge will be when it’s March and he’s not at the stadium every day.


Having a solid runner in Michel and having Gordon really allows Gronk some space! He was the difference in the end IMO


49ers gift the win to the Packers after leading most of the night.
Two stupid mistakes from Beathard and Sherman all in the last 90s and it’s all over. 30-33


It’s like watching a fkn Power Rangers episode

“Oh no, there’s one minute left and all the odds are stacked against the Packers! What ever will they do???”

Never mind, Rodgers just goes all fkn Megazord on us and swiftly sorts sht out according to script.