NFL 2019/20

Andrew Luck to retire, mentally worn out.

He got boo’d at the game today.

Don’t blame him one bit. The Colts too did the classy thing letting him keep $24 Million that legally they could have asked back (signing bonus pro-rated plus this season’s bonus). The bloke suffered every injury possible and, as the Colts’ GM put it, likely left “half a billion dollars” on the table.

Enjoy retirement, Andrew.

Chargers; Melvin Gordon’s hold out is a no win for him and the team. They are playing hard ball and can’t see him returning to Chargers. Going to cost him lots unless another team comes up with a fair trade a big dollars to pay him. Stupid situation, he should of taken the 10 mill on offer.

Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. Odds are 6th round pick and straight to NEW England

Minkah Fitzpatrick traded from the Dolphins to the Steelers for a first rounder.

The exodus has begun.

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Yeah posted that in the other NFL thread (which was oddly showing before this one) Exodus is starting, first round picks are what they want, at any cost, clean out of the roster.

Can we merge the two active NFL threads? Mods?

Better to lock the ‘18/19 one.

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How does Mariota still get a starting gig? Dead set useless.
Being out played comprehensively by a QB picked at 178 in last years draft.

Antonio Brown is now an ex-Patriot.

What a saga.


lol AB is tainted goods

I very much doubt it was just about optics over new allegations but had to do with behind the scenes stuff as well.

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To be fair he got zero protection from his OL, he was sacked 9 times.

He was a luxury we didn’t need and as soon as another rumour came out it was “adios”.

If the Pats are cutting you and aren’t willing to stick by you, good luck with anyone else.

Big game by the Giants today, down 28 - 10 HT they get the win.

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Daniel Jones had a decent debut from what I’ve seen…

Started last week

Edit:Nope, you are correct

I missed the Niners game. Anyone catch it? Heard that we won ugly over the Steelers. 3-zip! Wow! Go Niners!

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Ugly but very important win for the Niners (particularly given Seattle lost at home to the Saints). Lot’s of turnovers by our offense but our defense is the real deal. Jimmy G was clutch when it mattered. I saw the 2nd half and to be honest, since the very first game at Levis (way back in 2015, I was there) this was the most involved I have seen the crowd.

Everyone loves a winner. 3-0, baby.


Thanks, mate. Niners Nation back in town. :wink:


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