NFL 2020/21

Player cuts are coming…

Sanu…Pats gave up a 2nd rounder for him and cut him today.

Will Fournette go to New England for a Minimum deal like Newton?

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Bengals extended Joe Mixon’s contract so everything is sweet in Cincinnati.
11 days to go, BRING IT ON!

Fournette signing with Tampa - This is a stacked team now

Goosebumps! @JohnRain

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I’ve been watching Hard Knocks on ESPN which is covering the LA Chargers and LA Rams in their pre-season. The impact of COVID and more recently the BLM protests has been fascinating so far, particularly as the Chargers head coach is black, as are most of the players.

Can’t wait for the season to start.

Starts tomorrow 10.20 AEST Texans at Chiefs.

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C7 not showing the Sunday night game sucks, would make WFH better.

KC looking absolutely ominous, they destroyed the Texans today.
They have a couple of rookies making huge impacts in their first games.

Not a KC fan but a huge Mahomes fan. Love watching someone at the peak of their powers strutting their stuff.

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As much as I hate the 'hawks Marshawn is a treasure. And a very smart man.

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That new RB at KC is a star.

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Brady is having a shocker.

As is Jimmy G :frowning: Really sloppy game all round.

Good to see the Packers are running with another season of “don’t have to fix our defense if Aaron throws 4 TDs” again.


fkn Bengals.

Always good beating Philly

They continue to break our heart. But off the back of a torn calf in the last few seconds??? Only the Bengals can do that.

It was a hot mess end to a promising first game from Burrows. OPI on a touchdown then missed kick… welcome to the Bengals haha


His touchdown had me and my sons jumping off the couch screaming! I wish the Bombers could give me joy like that.

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