NFL 2021-22

Jimmy might go to Cleveland for a year

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They’ve already said they’re rolling with Geno or Lock. This years QB class is a lot stronger than last year so feels like they’re positioning themselves to strike there instead of acquiring a back end-but upgrade starter like Jimmy.

Cleveland really need to reconcile with Baker, the $ of it all make it the best option, lol just read the trade, Browns gonna Brown


Gee they give up on quarterbacks quickly, don’t they.

I just realized I sound like Bruce McAvaney.

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Said it a while back but it got a bit buried - would any Blitzers be keen on an NFL fantasy league for this upcoming season? Would probably need 10-12 people.

I play Nfl fantasy, I’m in.

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Sadly I think Julio is washed as a player but would love if he finished with a ring.

With training camps open we really should be starting the 22-23 thread.

Just change the thread title, no need to create a new thread.

I am so keen for this new season. Bolts are gonna win the Superbowl! Herbert for league MVP! Woot!


In hardly a shocking announcement the 49ners have stated they are moving forward with Trey Lance as their starter and they are expecting to trade Jimmy G.

Apparently Joe Burrow has had to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. Will miss a couple of weeks of training.

So which team out there wants a talented, yet horrendously injury-prone QB? Seattle still has no-one at QB worth mentioning, but I doubt the Niners trade Jimmy G within their own division. Maybe the new coaching set up at the NY Giants wants to challenge Daniel Jones? Lions? Texans?

So, how do the Packers fark up a first round bye THIS year?

Looking forward to the heartbreak of NFL playoff roulette.

Saw a rumour that the Falcons are interested and have offered a 2nd and 5th round pick.

Not sure I believe that because if so surely the deal would have already been done.

No chance Atlanta give up a 2nd considering Mayfield just went for a conditional 5th.

Think Jimmy’s options are most likely a backup role somewhere or a replacement if a starter goes down during training camp ala Sam Bradford a few years ago.

DK gets the bag.

I would say he will get fired.

Nah, I’m sure they’ll find a way to beat the Packers in the playoffs again and his job will be safe.