NFL 2023/24

That’s crazy

Ridiculous that Denver caught that ball in the end zone.

@DonMania team is doing well for you


Cowboys D looking the goods

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I’m liking the look of Sam Howell, from the limited I’ve seen of him. Think he might turn into a good one.

Don’t want to jinx it though. We don’t do elite QB play in Washington.



Packers blow a 12 point lead in Atlanta and lose by a point. Also I’m pretty sure Doubs caught that 4th down pass that was overturned. But it doesn’t really matter when nobody bothered to tackle Bijan Robinson.

For all the worry about Jordan Love; he isn’t the problem. It’s still Joe Farking Barry and a bunch of spuds playing safety.

Yep, despite the loss another very good outing from Love.

I’m not worried about Love. Certainly didn’t have a great second half but they were missing Bahktiari, Jones, and Watson. Tough to win when your best tackle, running back, and receiver are all missing.

They should have still won in spite of all that. Again… that defense. Woof. :poop:

I think wild card is the ceiling and that would be just fine.

I’d be thrilled with a wildcard in Loves first starter season. Wasn’t Rodgers first year 4 wins or something like that?

Great start. I was nervous about Purdy being a flash in the pan but he is looking good! Including THAT game against the Eagles and he is 9-1 as a starter! And, we are now 9-0 against the Rams in the regular season since Shanahan and McVay took over.

Your Dolphins are on a roll too @IceTemple

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He is the real deal, really love what he brings to the team.

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Yeah 2008 was bad. I think this is a better team than that, although today was not a good loss.

He missed a few long throws today. I got some GarappoLOL vibes.

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I got PTSD from recalling the Jimmy G miss to Sanders in the Super Bowl that would have sealed a win against the Chiefs. Net net though, Purdy just looks a lot more dialed in and persistent.

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Nick Chubb seems to have done his knee. The same one he did in 2015.

Very weird. Looked like he snapped his leg, but then was moving it without too much pain after. Might have been a dislocation. Definitely an ACL.

They are saying dislocation. Which would be season ending.

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I’m no fan of the Cowboys, but that sucks.