NFL 2023/24

They should be able to. By the rules, Purdy can not be paid anymore or even be allowed to negotiate a new contract this coming season. Weirdly, if he had landed on the Niners as an undrafted free agent, this 3yr rule wouldn’t apply to him. So, he remains unbelievably underpaid allowing the Niners to keep their core together.

The biggest question all year has been Aiyuk and if they will tag him OR sign him to an extension. Some team folks said that it may come down to Deebo OR Aiyuk and that Aiyuk may win out. I can’t see that anymore but have a feeling they will figure out a way to keep both.

Chase Young will likely go get a massive deal somewhere else (Bears?). The rest of the core (Bosa, Warner, Dre, Kittle, CMC) are locked down.

This team is built to contend. You don’t get to 2 Super Bowls and 2 NFC Championship games in 5yrs without that pedigree.

Funny how one play here or there in all 4 of those games could have made for such a different narrative:

  1. Jimmy G doesn’t overthrow Sanders and/or Kittle doesn’t get called for offensive pass interference in the 2019 Super Bowl and/or Bosa gets the holding call on the 3rd and 15
  2. Tartt doesn’t drop an interception in the 2021 NFC Championship
  3. Purdy doesn’t blow out his elbow on the Niners’ 2nd drive of the game in the 2022 NFC Championship
  4. Luter doesn’t ■■■■ the punt and/or that extra point goes through



Or someone tries to block Chris Jones on a 3rd and 4 yards. Chris ■■■■■■■ Jones disrupted the offense all game. Stopped 3 touchdowns. You would think someone would try to stop him and not leave him untouched in pressuring Purdy.

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I dont watch super bowls, nfl, and do not understand the rules, however I did watch the last 30 or so minutes and I would venture that the last play by Mahomes was one of the most amazing pieces of play ever, given its timing and the perfection of its execution. Wow.


Yep. Chris Jones had as good a case as anyone for SB MVP. Stats don’t show just how disruptive he was.

And Mahomes…wowee. What a resume for a not yet 30 year old. Not GOAT yet but if he keeps up this pace he will be. Been watching NFL since 91 and he’s quite possibly the most talented QB I’ve seen in that time.


It was perfectly schemed and executed.

They run 4 almost identical plays in that final drive and Niners were not able to identify it or stop it. 2 Mahomes runs and 2 passes to Hardman and Kelce.

Chiefs players said they knew Bosa would go through the middle and their pre snap movement would draw players away from going to the right.

Geez…I’m still cranky at Jeff Crouch not paying that obvious free to Alan Noonan in the closing minutes of the 1968 Grand Final. 17-15 our way if that gets paid.

And that arsey snap by Fred Stafford to win the 1947 granny 13.8-11.19.

Morally, it’s 18-14.


Have you ever recovered from the 7.27 Essendon kicked in the drawn 1948 Grand Final?

Could have been 19 flags by now.


My dad never did. Reckons we were 13 points up with minutes to go and surrendered the lead…and that’s nothing to do with the appalling goalkicking.

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Fark, wide open in end zone!


eh, mahomes missed a completely open player in the last attempts in the 4th before taking the field goal.

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The play I was referring to up thread. ■■■■!!


The difference is Mahomes missed his shot and Purdy didn’t get a chance to hit his shot because of totally hopeless offensive line play

I just read the cheapest seat at the superbowl sold for 10k aud(6.5kusd)

Swift is still not more popular than the moon landing. Delist.

Queue NASA to announce Tay Tay on next space shot.


Blergh…if someone took the time to block Jones Purdy could take his pick of which wide open WR he wanted to hit, Aiyuk or Jennings.

In the end their D Line were better at disrupting Purdy than ours was at disrupting Mahomes (they pretty much didn’t at all in the 2nd half/OT)u

Not just pressuring Purdy but getting their hands up and tipping balls.

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This clip shows you some of those sub par moments where everything just fked up at once

The offensive line shuffled left, ignored the most dangerous Chiefs tackler, do a stupid 3 on 1, Purdy moves AWAY from his protection and tossed it away so it didn’t have a chance.

And they shouldn’t have even been trying to ■■■■■■ pass it. It should have gone to one of the backs, Juszyck or a slot WR or a screen pass run or something. Far out.

I couldn’t sleep until 3Am last night. Looks like another sleepless night for me thinking about this ■■■■


Where do you stand on 49ers 2012 team vs 2023 team?

Kittle vs Vernon

Justin Smith vs Bosa

Crabtree vs Evelyn (sorry I mean Aiyuk)

Patrick Willis and Bowman vs Fred Warner & Greenlaw

Kapernicus vs Purdy

Which team do you think was better?

Oh that is a great question. I suffered through the Mike Nolan era leading up to the 2011-14 renaissance. Watching Alex Smith be mis-managed. Sitting at Candlestick in the rain as we lost to the Steelers and there were at least 3 Steelers fans for 1 Niners fan at the end. Say all that to show how much I appreciate the Harbaugh era with the players you list above.

All that said, this current Niners team edges them out in all departments save for the Willis/Bowman duo. Warner/Dre are on their way but Patrick Willis for me is pound for pound the most influential Niners defensive player I have ever seen.

Today, CMC, Kittle, Aiyuk/Deebo, Trent Williams, and yes, Brock Purdy, edge out the Harbaugh offense. Kap was unstoppable for a season + but his achilles heel was that once the run was taken away, he had trouble slicing and dicing the defense.

EDIT: That Steelers anecdote reminded me that I am 18-2 in my 20 Niners games attended in person. The Steelers game and the first game at Levi’s against the Bears are my 2 losses. Maybe I should have gone to the Super Bowl…