NFL 2023/24

Interested to see how Kool-Aid goes for the Saints. Even it it’s just for the name! What the hell were they thinking when they named him!

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Ga’Quincy McKinstry. Kool-Aid is his nickname

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That’s not much better.


Schedule is out.


LA Chargers go hmmm (from their schedule announcement “SIMS”)



Butker made the massive mistake of saying the quiet part out loud.

Nah, he’s fine.

It isn’t like he kneeled during the National Anthem or anything.



The Victorian Government is set to announce in coming days that a deal has been struck for a NFL game will be played at the MCG in October-November 2025. Sources have told the Herald-Sun that the Los Angeles Rams will be the host team and they will play another west coast based team to cut down on travel. It will be the first regular NFL season game on Australian soil, following a pre-season contest in Sydney in 1999.

From Reddit

LA Rams vs Houston Texans at the MCG in October 2025. All but locked in. Announcement by the end of the month


Putting on the tin foil hat here for a moment, but remember last year all the talk was Sydney would host an NFL game?

What’s the odds the NFL wasn’t happy with the NRL playing in Vegas, trying to ride off the Super Bowl wave and grab a little press, and have gone Fark Carlton You, and are scheduling at the G in the first weekend of October, up against (although not directly time wise) the NRL GF to crap on their big day?

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I’m not that into NFL, but I’m 100% going to try get a ticket. Reckon it’ll be insane.


3 million people will want to go and tickets will be $1000, still worth it!

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Yeah, but Rams v “another west coast team” Texans…?

Forty Niners or Chargers maybe? I’m a Charger fan and have been for years, lived in San Diego in the 80’s, hopefully might have a decent season this year with Jim Harbaugh in charge.

It’ll be the cardinals

Looking at Rams schedule, the most likely would be Raiders on Oct 20?

Only direct flights to MEL are from LAX…? (At least only QF) So Chargers seem more likely from that perspective.

It won’t be a divisional rival (Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks)

That reddit post about Houston seems the most logical option

Tom Morris seems to think the MCG is a chance to host the Superbowl (Feb 2026)

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Oh my

Tell 'im he’s fkg dreaming.

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Sign me the fark up