Nhl 2018/19


Started back today. Bruins didn’t know about it not being preseason anymore


Got spanked. And Marchand laid the smackdown on Ellers after the latter celebrated a goal a bit too much.

Wilson doing Wilson things earning a 20 game rest for smacking a Bruin with an illegal headshot.


Nice way to start our Cup defence. Kuzy in particular looked slick.
Willy was suspended for his hit against the Blues in our final pre season game


Oh yes it was too. I didn’t think it was worth 20, but he has form…


That fkg germ Marchand gets all upset over a goal celebration? The same fkg muppet that raised an imaginary cup as he skated past the Canucks bench a couple years ago? The same fkg peanut that licked an opponents face last year? Hope someone caves his fkg head in.

Loved the start by my canucks today. Pettersson goal was just filthy! What a future that kid has in front. Nothing yet from Boeser but Goldobin scores and Horvat looking much the captain despite not having the C yet. I don’t expect us to make the playoffs but the prospects are looking as good as they have for a number of years now IMO.


Yeah, love his aggression but he has some silly hits recently. His fine was larger than his yearly salary also. Lucky he got that massive signing on bonus


I had no idea Vancouver had 5 goals in them. It’s a team I’ve largley ignored but I might switch over to them in the afternoon
If the sharks continue to get ahead of themselves.

Toronto are so good to watch. Matthews is a stud.


I like Marchand…laid some good punches


:crazy_face: :crazy_face:


As a Canucks fan I’m going to love watching Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser & Bo Horvat for a very long time! Pettersson has been unbelievable for a rookie. Boeser after recovering from injury is starting to find form again and Horvat carried the team when beset by injuries in November. If Quinn Hughes & Ollie Joulevi work out as projected with Dahlen waiting in the the wings, the Canucks are going to have a very exciting team to watch for a very long time. DGAF if we make playoffs, the year is about chemistry and development and there’s already signs that these things are well on track.