NHL thread

He’s gunna empty net his way there.

(Was a good goal actually)

Not sure we will be in many EN positions in the coming years :rofl:

Yes, there are empty netters and there are empty netters. Todays was a good goal

He just gets hammered by trolls when he scores an empty netter. Like his 802 goal.

he didn’t want it but they kept passing to him.

60 gaols to go. Could be 3 seasons.

Wild end to the Leafs Sens game.

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Anyone watch the end of that Leafs v Sens game

Sens player scored on empty net (to seal their win) and Rielly from Leafs chased him down and cross checked to head - then punch on started

Rielly copped 5min penalty plus 1 game suspension for misconduct. Silly

Leafs had done well of late beating top teams but now drop this one

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I just watched the clip of that now.

Is ‘don’t slap shot an empty net’ one of those unwritten player rules? I hadn’t heard that before. The code is a funny thing sometimes.

Seemed a pretty severe over-reaction.


Yeah apparently thats what it was for

Albeit probably over the top response given suspension worthy offense

I just watched The Hockey Guy’s take on YT, and he basically said:

“If you really don’t like slap shot empty net goals, then maybe the best bet is to not be in that situation against the Ottawa Senators!”

Side note: The Hockey Guy is a machine. he pumped out 6 videos on todays games, and it was his friggin birthday.


It’s an unwritten “etiquette” that for an empty netter you just put it in softly or almost walk it in to goals. What you saw yesterday in regards to lining him up and cross checking him was common place if someone scored in that manner or you would drop the gloves.

Ovi with another but unfortunately went down to the ‘Nucks in OT

Bad way to lose when had fought so hard

Rubbish turnover close to goal

Story of our season.
Dumb penalties late and sloppy turnovers

Avs next for your mob and Av’s are looking shaky right, lost 4 in a row

Caps seemingly have some confidence beating/matching top sides last two games

So it seems, i just hadn’t heard that one before. I know you don’t put the puck in the net when the play is dead, but hadn’t seen this one before.

Imagine this happened every time somebody in AFL ran into an open goal from the goal square and torped it into the stands?

As I said, the ‘code’ has some funny stuff attached to it. For one of - if not the - toughest sport in the world, they can be a bit over sensitive on some things.

Yeah, nah
We are a dumpster fire

Was 2-2 after P1, but Av’s then took over!

Not completely disgraced though unlike LA who got demolished 7-0


3-3 at end of P3 for Wings v Oilers, LGRW!

McJesus with 6 Assists.

He’s a freak

Oilers just ran away with it in the last

Two goals in a minute early in p3, wings kept fighting and eventually got a powerplay but couldn’t land one back. Straight after Oilers shot deflected off a wings stick and unluckily through goalies legs. Put them 3 up and they completely had their tails up

Whilst beat Canucks last game still some work to do to compete with best teams all game

Great response after last few games disappointment, easy watch this morn!

Condolences @Paul_Peos


Nice to see Blackhawks knock over Sens too, Bedard back out there causing havoc and Mrazek was an absolute wall. Sens with double the shots on goal but still lose. Hawks hit lead in last 2mins

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Not keen to talk much about that one. Markstrom has been stopping everything in the last few months, but he has a bad night, and we absolutely fall to pieces.

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