NHL thread

Rumour has it the deal was done but the Calgary owner wouldn’t eat any of Marky’s contract, or take on Vanecek and his coin.

I reckon he’ll be a Devil next year anyway.

You know your team sucks when you’re already looking at post season trades and watching draft videos before the season is done.

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Yes been a few weeks now

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Such a weird tradition.
It was premeditated with the Rangers not fielding their starting 5 skaters.
No idea why they would want to lose Kandre Miller and Trouba for the game.
In any case got the win and kept ahead in the Presidents Trophy, but for some reason I feel we are not dominant against the good teams.

Watched United, garbage
Staying up watching the Caps, garbage
Knicks on the other laptop, garbage
Yeah, I’m not going to bother with the football I think :rofl:

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Ovi scored at least. I guess that’s something.

Vilardi hattie!

Jets Clinch

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With results today it’s even hotter in the east

4 teams pressing for 3rd in Metro division only separated by 2pts, and the 3 who miss together with Red Wings pressing for last wildcard spot

And there is some games where will play each other in run home too

Canucks, Be…

Caps blow a 2-0 lead and withstood an absolute battering from the Canes to hold out as long as we could but the Canes took the lead with about a minute to goal and then won 4-2.
Thankfully Philly and Detroit both lost but Buffalo now join the fray. Going to need some results to go our way as we have hit the wall and wo t win many more

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Shattered wings couldn’t at least get it to OT and jag a point when played so well v Rangers

So close all game. Rangers take lead on PP in middle of p3, Wings finally get their own PP and Perron one timer sees Quick saved blocker side end of stick handle. Beesdick away from leveller

And Rangers hold us out to win 4-3

Only consolation is Flyers and Caps both lose in reg too

Pengs v Lightning & Isles v Preds huge games tomorrow for the fight for playoff spots

The Flyers are farked. Tortarella has reached the end of his shelf life, where the players start to quit on him.

It’s happening

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Just as a side note.

I always look at Tortorella and think “That’s Nino’s dream coach.”

Wings get it done vs Sabres 3-1, all goals scored in p1 which made for a nervous rest of game

Crucial 2pts gained

Play the Capitals & then Penguins next, every game is seemingly do or die right now

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Caps cough up the lead twice and lose in OT.
If you can’t beat a poor Sens side in regulation then you really have no right to be in the playoffs. Probably the last point we get this season as we look cooked

Rangers keep on winning.

Pengs level it with 5mins to go but Leafs go on and win it in OT

Wings remain above Pengs in wildcard race

Matthews 65.

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I think there is only realistically one spot. The Isles have hit form at the right time and will grab a seed. Detroit/Pens/Philly or us for the wildcard spot