NHL thread

Oh baby.

Winnipeg is surely colder

Watching Dallas get rinsed in any sport has my approval*

*I won’t be totally upset if the Mavs roll Boston in the NBA

Hot n humid summers
Edmonton is genuinely frigid, and a bit further nth.
Thats why they have the biggest indoor shopping mall in the world

Let’s go Cats!
Killed off the PP and score 10 seconds later to make it 2-0. Oilers dominating play but their D looks very shaky at time

Bob with the shutout and was an absolute wall from the constant bombardment


It’s Florida’s cup to lose from here.

The Great Wall of Bob

Oilers lost the plot in the last period


They shot the lights out in the first game, and couldn’t get past the goalie. Now their D is looking banged up and tired. 2 of the goals tonight seemed to stem from Bouchard brain fades at the end of a shift

Would think Draisaitl cops at least 1 game for his hit on Barkov. Might even be 2

is the kayo broadcast ■■■■■■?

Kayo has been rubbish for me on a far too frequent basis. This is through the Kayo app on Apple TV. Not sure if getting a smart TV would assist. Kayo on iPad has been fine and watching it right now without issues…

Panthers 4-1 ahead. Deathly silence in Edmonton.

Bury these kents

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worst ive ever seen it tbh

Is anyone else finding the stream crashes? I have to close the channel and re-load.

What a glorious result.

Oilers are dead in the water. Will probably get swept.

Edit: they scored seconds after I typed this. I might shut up for a while.

yep its been an absolute rat

shut yer clams peos


Stop turning over the puck