Nice little Hird blog post

Don’t mind this place. Everything else aside, they just focused on that one week and that one unbelievable game.

Anyway I liked it. Thought I’d share. Cheers


Great read.
It is missing one sentence at the end, though.

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Fark Carlton.

Watta match ending that was. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting.

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0 votes.


No Brownlow votes


Thanks for sharing. Written by a bombers supporter, do you know?

How many points was Hird awarded that day for being best on ground by a country mile, by the umpires?

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Why are we surprised? Only one player was going to get the ball, at the moment that mattered most. The same guy who had done it time and time again previously. I recall saying to Mrs diggers just prior to that famous goal, J Hird will get this. And I’m no Nostradamus.

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More importantly, have we heard from the guy who embraced J Hird just after the goal?

They could do an ESPN 30 for 30 on just this event.


Thanks for posting! I remember that game clearly & all the hoo ha - even watched the Footy Show back then. Zero votes says all we need to know. Not surprising the scathing piece in the Rage was written by the witch. Hird was simply amazing- still is!


Despite his brilliant game and "Commentators, almost to a man and woman, said they had not seen a player perform better in 30 minutes of football… He is one of the greatest footballers we’ve seen” the umpires’ choosing to not give him even a single Brownlow vote proves to me that they are (at best) not honest and that Hird’s original comments were correct.


Agreed, I didn’t think they even noticed him MUCH.