Nobby Clarke 2019

You got me - I did try to resist, ■■■■ it!

I don’t think @Alan_Noonan_10 has any problem making execution executive decisions…


Quite correct.

And i feel like excluding certain voters because they’re ■■■■■.


I would exclude 67% of the population from Voting in a Federal election, plus all of Qld.


From personal experience it is a rather thankless task! None the less I always enjoyed collating the votes and seeing the voting patterns. I could guarantee that there would be far fewer votes to count if we lost and even fewer in loses late in season.

But as others have said @Alan_Noonan_10 can choose how he want to run the thing. I’m sure the way I counted the votes was also different to how @Mero did for many years and how @BomberMcVeigh did it when helping out.

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I’d have thought the only different thing I do is to eliminate countbacks.

It does get a tad annoying when you see new posts, and all it is is Bomber_A ■■■■■■■■ about people voting for Hurls.


What you do with dummy votes and where people only vote for 1 person may be different

Ignore the dummy votes or when a person gives all 6 to the same player.

If they mention multiple players for the third vote, it goes to the first named.

There was a case recently where someone gave 3 2’s. I accepted that. I always check that anomalies between the 3’s, 2’s and 1’s are explainable. They often get out of whack, and i might have to start again.

There was someone the other week, maybe vs WCE, that someone gave votes to the 3 players attracting the most criticism. I ignored it.


It’s been quite a few years since I’ve tallied the votes, however I never bothered with votes where people did not follow the basic rules.
If they put three players names, with lesser votes, I just made it 3-2-1,
If they didn’t put three players I didn’t count it at all.
If they put the umpires names in, or an opposition player who stuffed something up I didn’t count it.

That said, usually the best player of the season win the Medal.


Round 17 vs Roos

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti 5
Zac Clarke 4
Jake Stringer 2.5
Conor McKenna 2.5
Zach Merrett 1

Dyson Heppell 30.5
Zach Merrett 26
Adam Saad 21
Jake Stringer 18.5
Dylan Shiel 17
Michael Hurley 17
Darcy Parish 13
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti 12
Shaun McKernan 9
Conor McKenna 8.5
Cale Hooker 8
David Zaharakis 8
Andrew McGrath 6.5
Kyle Langford 6
Orazio Fantasia 5
Matt Guelfi 5
Joe Daniher 4
Dylan Clarke 4
Patrick Ambrose 4
Zac Clarke 4
Aaron Francis 3.5
Mitch Brown 3
Mason Redman 2.5
Tom Bellchambers 2
Josh Begley 2
Jayden Laverde 1

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Oh…and @Deckham…more half-votes. Get ■■■■■■.


Zed already out polling TBC…


Top 20 player.