Nobby Clarke Medal - Congratulations to Devon Smith the 2018 Winner


Francis 13th
Smack 15th

Both off the back of limited number of games. Match winners!!!


Francis 13th
McGrath 16th
Langford 18th
Parish 20th
Guelfi 21st
Redman 22nd

Plenty of young talent showing they can be in our best 5 players on the field, and therefore can more than hold their own at this level.


Thanks @redbull for your wonderful contribution to this site. Much appreciated.


Imagine saying that to @Alan_Noonan_10 next year!


Thanks Redbull.

However Langford and Myers finishing equal on 5 votes is a controversial call.
Quite possibly lead to calls for voting reforms by certain “experts”


Great work champ.


Well deserved Dev. Glad he’s ours.

And thanks for your efforts @redbull, I can only imagine the tedium of trying to decipher the various voting methods and aliases used in every vote thread. Well done.


Congrat’s to Devon… Well deserved winner. What a fantastic pick up.


yes and double yes to the first and second points respectively.

thanks @redbull and well done Devon - you Essendon champ


Congratulations to Devon on a great year, where he led by example from the front, and dragged others along in his wake.

Kudos to redbull for taking the time and effort to compile the votes each week, no small task.

During the season l floated the idea of a change in the voting procedure to the Nobby Clarke Medal for 2019. l propose we give 5 votes, as the coaches do each week.

Comments? I am expecting a lot of nays.


Geez CJ, it’s going to take @Alan_Noonan_10 half the week to count up the votes on his abacus as it is without making it more difficult.


Been calling for it for years, … but came to think it was probably hard enough for one dude to total up when there’s 3.

Noonan likely has a fair bit more time on his hands, … so maybe he could go the extra effort, … and therefore we could do just that?? :thinking:


Worth a thought. Techniques are all the same.

Hopefully no shockers when you’re struggling to find a third player to include…or even a second.


Put a spine in Essendon


Issue with 5 players is their will likely be more random selections which makes it more time consuming. You will see once I send through the spreadsheet and start collating that you can get on a run which means things can be quicker.


I probably would have built my own spreadsheet. I’m pretty used to that sort of thing.

I’ve been updating my dad’s stamp collection with catalogue values, and you quickly develop faster ways of doing it.


Whatever Noonan comes up with we can be confident:

  1. The syntax will be perfect.
  2. The calculations accurate.
  3. The feedback clear and precise.


And the people still voting for Lovett to be ridiculed.


Would have thought Belly would have polled a little better.

Anyway, thanks to all involved. It’s a great effort.

One suggestion for @Alan_Noonan_10 might be to have a cut off date or only count the first 150 vote entries or something like that??? Just an idea…


I’d think 5pm Thursday after the game.