Non Essendon Finals Thread


I thought I heard Geelong on Friday night at MCG and the other semi at Spotless Saturday


Geelong’s lowest score in a final since 1903!


The roar when the crowd sang yellow and black was just about the loudest thing I have ever heard at the G, and that was over the mikes for the tv, must have been phenomenal at the ground.


Im happy for the tigs and dimma. They played fantastic with a lot of pressure given the elimination finals losses.


The tigers were awesome, just a great example of pressure.

Our boys takenote and believe!!!


So you weren’t there in the last quarter of the 1984 granny then?


geelong were fumbling from minute 1, didn’t think tigers pressure was that huge

motlop kick prime example

geelong were ■■■■■■■ rat ■■■■ from start to finish

tigers will make granny for sure, but adelaide will win it


Could have been us tonight disappointing that we didn’t finish top 4 with the draw we had instead we are stuck in another Elimination Final that could be a flogging.


“Roaming Rancey”

-Alex Rance, September 2017

There are no words to describe what a flog that flog is.


butler said that.


Given their forward line, I’d seriously consider playing Ambrose on Rance if we played them in a final. Just tell him to play like he’s a defender.


Confirmed Friday night.
Sickie on Friday coming up


That is finals footy. Richmond just crashed through Geelong. We just don’t have players to do that in the midfield.

I will give you Tippa . That’s it.

If Sydney turns up thinking that they already won, then maybe we might get a chance.


Hahaha, very good.

Not worth $1m+ p.a. according to some experts around here. Boggles the mind.


Small fwd line. Seemingly the way to pressure the fark out of opposition


Still can’t believe that cotchin goal. Where are the replays???


Fantasia Stewart Begby
Walla Joe Colyer

That’s five smalls (although one is 6’6")


Nah, it was the floggiest flog that ever flogged.



Ditto. All in.


I don’t have anacdotal evidence but I feel like many times we play Sydney, it’s often down to the wire.