Non Essendon Finals Thread


tbh would rather that then being completely embarrassed in a final.


Yes. We went from pick 12 to pick 11.




my emotional state would be far far worse. but it’d better if the team did keep it close.


As much as a close lost would hurt at least you know the team gave it a crack.


Absolute joke of a free kick. This ■■■■ has been a cancer on the game for years now. Why on earth do you get a free kick for raising your opponent’s arm into your own neck?

It’s pure cheating plain and simple.

Ever since Selwood started it now we see countless of these absolute carnts who have no shame and will cheat at every opportunity they get. Shuey, McLean, Mathieson, Christiensen, Grimes, Miles, Puopolo, Siciliy, etc.

Sport is an absolute joke for consistently rewarding this.

It’s not clever, it’s not skillful, it just requires you to be a dishonest cheating ■■■■. There are hard it at, tough as nails ball winners who go in hard but don’t do it. They could but they don’t. Jobe has put his head over the ball thousands and thousands of times, never once dishonestly pulled this cheating crap.

End rant.


anyone see big cox in the box?


You make a very reasonable point. But on the other hand


The silver lining to a bit of a ■■■■ day. Thankyou Luke Shuey and the wce.

That was great.


If polac had have gone lower he would have been pinged for a trip. Shocking decision but ■■■■ port


How ■■■■■■ good is McGovern? Complete opposite game to what Hurley dished up today. Killed every contest he was near, clunked every mark he went for and actually had meaningful disposals. That’s the player I hope Francis can become.


He looks envious of that immaculately parted hair coming in from right of screen.


thing is that the afl said at the start of the season they would no longer pay these frees and in fact treat them as one taking prior opportunity, and thus ping them for HTB if they dont get rid of it

clearly thats fallen away, as half of the rules the AFL introduces, they fall away through periods of the season

its a farce. the way this competition is run, on the whole, is a farce.


That kid Bonner looked great. Didn’t we overlook him for Redman and Morgen? He was an Essendon fan too.

Loved the ending. Hope that happens to Richmond in the Prelim.


Who’s the little that’s has drawn them all year at the dogs despite the rule change


Yep another one that Dodoro over looked.


Port’s legions of fans in China must be so devastated


But he gets them all right


Dodoro gets a lot of hits i give him that but he also has missed plenty.


Bonner is also one of Franga’s mates