Not #39 - Heath Hocking


I’m probably reading way too much into it but I read it like Hocking thinks the game is close to passing him by. It’s like he doesn’t consider himself best 22 anymore.


I don’t think he does either fog.
But he’s a good EFC man, he’s here to provide depth.


Don’t think you’re too far off the mark there Fog.
He’s one guy I think the year off will really negatively affect in regards to on field performance as he tends to need consecutive games at the highest level to regain/keep his ‘touch’.


It’s actually really sad. Hopefully we see a lot more of him. Deserves another win in the red and black.


66% game time or something?

This is harsh but I hope we can expect better from Myers in his first game back than what Hocking served up yesterday.


He had what would politely be termed a ‘Barry Crocker’.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him re-set in the VFL.


Surely you can’t make any judgements on the guy’s 1st game back after a year off, let alone a game played in such conditions, when 70% of the team were off and had equally poor games??



Definitely deserves another crack this week.


I can say he had a shocker. It’s not surprising, nor does it say much about what he’ll do going forward, but he looked well short of a gallop.

with Bird, Howlett and Myers all hopefully available soon, I think Heater would be better off finding touch in the VFL.


Yeah, that wasn’t strictly directed at your comment HAP,… more the threads current zeitgeist.
And FTR, I could make that post in about a dozen other threads.

Just think people need to get a handle on the current challenges for the team as a whole, & the returning players especially, … and just keep their powder dry until they, and the team/coach have a good 6 - 12 games under the belt.

Jobe Hep Hooksy & Hurls have all been well below their best/former selves over the 1st 3 games, and so will the rest of them likely be.


Aside from anything else I’m not sure how much of a need Heath is, if we’re not running a tagger.


Fark me’ if Jobe and Dyson have been well below their this year then they are both the two best players in the world.

Jobe has been consistent and made few errors while Dyson has been BOG vs Hawthorn, and close vs Brisbane.

You are very hard to please


Haha shiet. Never thought I’d see anyone say that about BSD!! He is the eternal optimist!


they were nowhere near their best vs carlton. wtf.


Buddha will always have my respect and is a great Essendon man but gee I thought he would carve it up at VFL level. Did others??
Especially the slightly slower and contested style that often prevails at the level below.

Has he just mentally checked out?


Agree. Doesn’t look like the competitive animal he used to be.


Got one eye on the out door?
l would not be against letting him seek a trade elsewhere. A solid club man.




I believe.


Not good enough to be picked as best 22 ball winning midfielder and Woosh averse to playing lock down taggers so no room for him in side