Not #39 - Heath Hocking


No way anyone trades for Hocking.
Good clubman but his time has come.


Both he and Stanton have seemingly planned their post football careers well and not much interest in making seniors.


Did anyone happen to see what his injury was today?


He was in a marking contest and landed badly ( I think). Looked like an ankle or lower leg injury.


The upper part of his left leg was strapped at three-quarter time. No ice at the front, dunno about at the rear. Was pretty lame.

EFC are reporting it as a corked thigh; I can believe that.


No doubt they have been told that seniors is not an option unless mayor injuries occur.


I always thought Doyle had a punchable face, now there’s even more reason.


Glad to see him back in the senior side. Awesome to see him kick a couple, plus a couple of assists.

I know we will have Hurley and Hooker coming back in and maybe Fantasia, but I’d really love to see him stay in the side.


He was better than anything Myers, howlett or bird have produced this season

No doubt they drop him but he was okay today tbh


Loved them getting around him for that first goal.


Okay? We only had four multiple goal scorers today, and he was one of them. He was SOLID. Plus I’m his mum.


Kicked as many goals today as Howlett and Laverde have kicked this year combined.


Is he a chance to tag Kennedy?


Thanks for your contribution today Heath. You gave 100% each time you competed - as you have your whole career.


Didn’t mind him today.
Does his usual and gives 100%.

But he’s cooked too.
Just too slow.


Thought he gave us something around the ball in the third qtr especially. Would prefer him to Myers


He gets a game next week ahead of laverde.

So pleased for him to play in a win in his comeback.

Will probably be dropped but he certainly played his role today


Awesome he got a last chance to pull on the red and black. He’s been a warrior.

Those 2 goals, in particular the last one were critical. That last one was in front of me. He just used his body to get the seperation he needed.


He was poor.

If Hooker, Raz or Green had his opportunity they would have kicked six.


Wow. He got a lot more opportunities than they normally get.