Not #39 - Heath Hocking


He was ok today, but I don’t wnat him anywhere near the team in our final


Did his job, now we move on.


Hooker and Raz maybe, but Green has been getting those opportunities and kicking only 1 goal and a few behinds


Do you mean in the match simulation?


So happy for him to have played in 1 more win this year. That makes all 10 of the returning players.


Tend to agree… Hocking played 1 game as a forward his entire career and slots 2 (and 2 goal assists)… Yes he looked terrible in the first half… But if we saw that game from Green we’d say “oh he’s so important etc”

He’s every bit a chance to keep his spot for next week…Doubtful… But you never know…


Love this bloke so much. What a clubman.

That was a good performance from a bloke who played about five games in 2015, nil in 2016 and a couple earlier this year.

To find out after the warmup that you’re coming in and playing half forward is not easy, but he put in %110 and kicked some snags.

Never forget he was the first to re-sign.


I wouldn’t mind if he was left in for sydney.


Was a million miles behind the pace of the game - Did well to eke out 2 goals.


To be expected though. It’s not like he has had a few games to get the speed of AFL like Lav.


And if not for two awful failures to mark, could have been four!

Happy he got the opportunity — try not to get misty optically when you watch his BomberTV post-match interview.


So happy for him that he got a win and contributed with two big goals! Couldn’t meet a nicer and more deserving bloke. Will cherish the memory of his snap goal in the last that sent the members wing into a frenzy!


When you add in the fact that he’s clearly on his last legs, and had to play as a forward when he isn’t and never has been a forward…

That was a very impressive effort from heater.


Did as best as he possibly could given the situation

Kicked 2 and should have been paid a free in the second in our forward 50 which could have been resulted in a 3rd

Not sure if he stays in for Sydney but if it was his last game he sure as hell did the club proud

What is bullshit though is that he won’t be able to play in the seconds next week


Why? He has only played 2 games in the AFL, surely he qualifies for the finals?


Could be wrong, but because he played yesterday he is ineligible for next week’s VFL game but could play the following


Sorry just checked the VFL thread…i was wrong, he is good to go!


Just watching the post game interview with him made me really happy he got the chance to come in for this game. Loved seeing the boys get around him for the first goal.

Can see how much it meant for him, even though he himself understands he probably might not play a further part. Absolute champ.


For a guy who has never been a forward i thought he did well.

Probably my favourite essendon player on the list so very happy to see him get a game yesterday and snag a couple

I would have no problem with him being brought in to hard tag kennedy against sydney. I dont care if he doesnt touch the ball, as long as kennedy doesnt either


what a fkn legend. seems like the best bloke.