Not #39 - Heath Hocking


Was this the last game for Heath Hocking?
Although his disposals weren’t shocking
His heart won us over
But slow as a mower
No contract in his Christmas Stocking?


Heath Hocking.


Utility’s utility.


Good on him and he’s a great guy and did kick 2 goals, but fck me if he gets a gig in the finals I’m tipping Sydney by 10 goals+. He’s slow, imobile, can’t play midfield anymore and we’ve already got enough plodders in.


if its wet i wouldnt be unhappy with him playing if its the hardest tagging job thats ever tagged


I thought he did very well.

But I’d be leery about playing him in the finals. We had the ball in our front half a lot this game, which surely helped a slower, more contested player like Heath. Against Sydney we will almost certainly be more limited in our entries, and the forwards will need to be pretty mobile creating opportunities.

Of course, it all depends on who is available.


I’d not be oppoosed to playing him against sydney. He’ll give everything wherever he plays and his lack of pace on the scg won’t be such an issue. Plenty I’d chop bedore him.


If Hurls Hooker, Fantasia return… 3 of these 5 will have to make way (Hartley, Colyer, Hocking,Lav, Begley)


Hocking plays - EFC win


Play him on Kennedy PLEASE.


Never forget he was the first bloke out of them all to re commit to the club

Ripper bloke


Except he played in Round 3


Gone as expected.

Did well for us, struggled in 2015, year off was never going to help.


Thanks heath.


Glad he got the Freo game. True warrior.


Wasn’t he injured for most of 2015?
Came back in the last month and won the Collingwood game off his own boot


Best wishes for the future Heath.


Probably, can’t remember what I said.

Yep, only played 5 games in 2015.

Was a great tagger and inside bull for us. Got everything he could out of himself and more.

Good luck in the future


Thanks so much for your efforts for Essendon FC Heath. All the best for your future.


Was a big angry bloke when we needed more big angry blokes.


Got the best out of himself for a long period. Great Essendon person. Bye Heath