Not #39 - Heath Hocking


If he was from another club, a post would already be up on the trades board suggesting we pick him up cheaply.


Was one of the best taggers in the game at one point. Was a genuinely tough player. Had very good skills with the pill as well.

I love this guy. Congrats on your career Heater!


It was predictable but it’s still fkg sad when someone who gave his all for the club is delisted. He was a bull. A inside beast and that 2011-14 period he was really good. I notice he said in his statement he hopes his journey isn’t over. I really hope someone picks him up, even as a rookie so he can enjoy a change of scenery and a new challenge. Thanks for everything heater


Meet Heath a couple of times. Very nice, humble guy.

5 goals in his last 3 games - helping pull us over the line in two final H&A games 2015 & 2017 - when a steady head was needed.

Had very good footy smarts, really enjoyed watching him play.

Good luck to him. If he doesn’t get a gig anywhere else, wouldn’t mind seeing him in our VFL team.


Huge fan of this guy. Didn’t he get stitches in his mouth and play the following week? That’s so metal, that is. Tough.

Was also a classier player than probably given credit for, didn’t often get into scoring positions but was a good opportunist in front of goal. Unexpectedly did those Jonsson Workwear ads.


A guy who made the best of the talents he had. A tough player who gave his all for the club. Was underappreciated at times.

Well done and good luck!


Top bloke true clubman, fkn hard as nails. I can imagine him coming into a development coach role through the VFL. His commitment to his training was first class.

I remember reading he padded an entire room in his house to wrestle. Fkn nuts.

Good luck heater.



Was the first guy to re-sign in 2016, surely he didn’t have to be the first we delisted in 2017

Regardless a true warrior of the club

Hope he sticks around for a year or two in the reserves


Well done on a good career mate.


Great man, great servant. Sad but the right call. If he doesn’t go to a new club it would be great to see him play VFL with us.

Feels rude saying this, but why not Howlett as well?


Well done Budda. Could have easily told the club to get farked but he didn’t and for that, he deserves full commendation.


Thought he could have had a few more opportunities this year. Gave everything when he was out there. Sorry to see him go.


Was a great clubman who always gave his all on field

Hope he gets a chance elsewhere. GC could do worse than having him up there for some grit with such a young group.


An Essendon supporter growing up

He put in the hard work and got promoted off the rookie list

Just like Matthew Lloyd his career will end with him sending the dons to the finals,

Along with Stanton and Watson Buddha is the last player to be on the List while Sheedy was coach.

All the best to you in the future mate


A warrior and forever a don. Was a rock and he always got himself suspended at the worst times during his peak.

Him leaving is the start of the “real” clean out which is now finally the post- Sheedy days.


Probably hasn’t had his interview with worsfold yet?


Pure grunt and perseverance. Nothing but respect for the guy.


Thank you Buddha.

Loved his selfless, team orientated aggressiveness.

IMO he made Jobe a better midfielder by sacrificing his game to put in the 1%ers to help out Jobe.


It sucks that a chunk of the great servants of this club are going to retire not having any success at team level.