Not #39 - Heath Hocking


Anzac day counts!


My favourite play of his was that screamer


Tough, no nonsense, uncompromising, respected footballer. Love this type of player. People say we need more mongrel in the team, he is who I think of with the right type of attitude. Had a mean snarl too.

Was a great run with player, won’t disrespect him by calling him a tagger, as unlike many others in that category he could win it and actually use it while also closing down his opponent.

Was one of my favorites for a long time for how hard he played his footy. And integral to the midfield in that he made the players around him better. When he was out, I remember saying often we really missed him.

Love ya Heater, all the best in whatever comes next mate.


Froggy is applauding him before he hits the ground.


One of my favourite Essendon players. Just a pure heart and soul warrior. In his prime probably the 2nd best tagger in the comp. Could tag guys out of the game and still get the ball himself


Couldn’t have said it better.


His Beast-mode was awesome. One of my faves from the last decade.

Onya Buddha.


Thanks heater.

And ■■■■ you to hell, ASADA.


One of the most underrated players in our history. Sacrificed his own game to be a brilliant tagger when i reckon he could have been a great attacking mid. Beautiful skills and tough as nails. His goal vs freo this year was a highlight of the season for me. A team like brisbane or the suns could do a lot worse than get him into their club. I hope he gets another crack sonewhere. One of the few players who gave absolutely everything every single time.


Should have been playing in Myers spot all year, and Myers should have been the one delisted not him, no wonder this club can’t win a ■■■■■■■ final.


All the best Heaf.

Warrior sums it up nicely. Gave it everything.


Thanks Heath, good luck with where life takes you from here.


Loved what he did for us at his peak. Love the fact that we have cut him.




2nd in our 2010 B&F, seriously good effort. His best was substantially better than a few of the guys from his era who are still on the list.



I forgot about that mark but strangely what I do remember fron that game was that hardwick was coaching from the MCG server room for some reason.


Carved him self out a good career very underrated, tough, disciplined a very team orientated player. Also it can’t ever be forgotten that he was the first bomber to recommit. A great Essendon person, thanks Heater, all the best.


Farked ■■■■■ up.

As noted, lovely in person. His dad has been to all (?) of his VFL games this year and is a sharp guy.


Aw no, not Heath Hocking! Thanks for the memories and loyalty. Sad that he didn’t get to play more senior games this season. #Great Player #Tough.