Not #39 - Heath Hocking


Said to see him go, the first to sign back up after the ASADA stitchup. Need more players with his attitude/hardness at the contest.


Also had the pleasure of meeting Heath - top bloke, great club man. Agree that he played a vital role of support for our mids, as well as winning plenty himself. I felt his re-signing showed true loyalty & helped stick it up the media flogs who were all sprouting on about a ‘mass exodus’ !
Thanks Heater- sad to see you go- good luck for the future!


one of the few guys on our list who had a bit of nastiness about him on the field. I will miss you Heath. Really hope he gets picked up by another team


As a few others have said, Heath was/is a warrior.

Enjoyed very much watching you play. Sad to see you go, all the best for the next chapter of your life.,


One of those players that you loved it when he did well.

And he got 2nd in Crichton one year - shows how good he was


Thanks Heath, I remember we won against an undefeated Geelong in 2011, the wheels had fallen off our season, Jobe was out injured and you took over in the middle, you were immense.

Your end of year games in 2015 was a cause for optimism. Sorry that you were robbed by the Saga of a year where you would have better form.

This has been a very tough year for most of the players coming back other than the AA 3, no simple thing being deprived of contact with your club and can’t even participate as much as an injured player and keep up with how the game and game plan is evolving.

Anyway, glad you got one more game in round 23, it was great to see you out there again.

We will miss you bleeding red and black for us.


One of my favourites. A Heath Hocking in his prime is essentially what our midfield lacks right now. Good luck to him, hopefully the club provide him with opportunities to stick around. Great Essendon person.


Crap decision. Crap decision not to play him in the guts in the seniors this year too.

I’m depressed.

All the best mate. You are one of the best. You deserve the best.




Sad to see Heath go, but the right decision by EFC.

Gave his all, then some more.


I love the guys who support us as kids and then grow up to play for the club. It is a special kind of Essendon person.
Heater gave his all every time he took the field. Tough as any player I can remember to represent the club.
I recall watching him close up playing VFL for Bendigo at Frankston (together with TBell and Myers) before any of them had graduated to the seniors (can’t remember which year), and even then you could see he was as hard and tough as they come.
Also, it was a special moment when he was the first to re-sign after the ASADA crap.
I have loved watching him play, and admire his career. Great clubman. Great Essendon man.


End of an Era. Watson, Stanton, Hocking


Great Essendon people, all of them.
Love them all.


Fkg love this guy. Epitomises hard work & unconditional commitment. Feel like he could’ve offered us something at times when we were getting smacked around contests & clearances. Actually felt like he offered something in the middle against Freo a few weeks ago when he went in the middle.

A great Essendon person & wish him every success in his future. Sincerely hope someone picks him up & he can have some success. If not, I’d love for him to keep playing for our VFL side.


Yeah, I’d have to agree with this.


Not unexpected, but still sad. Gave his all for the club.


Resigns first and reaffirms the fabrics at the seams.
Finishes off by getting his team into the finals. Thanks Heater!!


It’s sad for the individuals such as Heater who has bled red and black for so long.

Thanks Heath, you have been a great representative of the Red and Black. Tough, uncompromising and an ultimate team player.

However, its renewal for the team and this is essential.


One tough ■■■■■■. Would have fitted in nicely with Solomon, Hardwick, Johnson back in the days.
When he was out there I was confident no one would ■■■■ with our players.
Unfortunatelty we have no one on our list like that now and everyone can push us around. (Maybe Hurley).


Thanks for everything Heater!

You’ll be sorely missed!

Good luck with all future endeavours!