Not #39 - Heath Hocking


Yes. I’ll get over the decision. But only if we bring in some gun inside middle fielders aged 18-24.




It was good but not enough caps locking and black squares


Thanks Heath for the way you represented the EFC. I hope the future holds many blessings for you.


Obviously not one of Worsfolds faves.
First to re-sign and hardly got a game this year. Many times we could have used his tagging skills.
Sorry ASADA/WADA screwed your career.
Good luck in the future Heater - thanks for all the good memories.


From memory he got one game and played for about 15 minutes until he was recalled for the last game at the last minute and went and kicked the goals that guaranteed the win as well as saving one that would have kept the team out of the finals.

Then immediately dropped again for the finals -

Someone will pick him up and use him properly - unlike this year.

All the best - Heath.


Not an AFL team


Frankly, I was surprised that he was not picked for the final in Sydney. I know he was considered too slow but he would have been very valuable in the congested play on the small Sydney ground.


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Have you ever tried cutting that b*stard on a band saw ?


As many others have already said, he epitomizes so many things we love about Essendon. Tough and uncompromising, the sort of guy you would always want to be in the trenches with. The tougher it got, the more he liked it and often the better he played. Heath was one of the best taggers in the league who was not only able to shut down his direct opponent, but provide plenty going the other way.
This season he has been under used and should have played more games in front of Myers and Howlett. When he was selected at the last minute to fill in for an injured Hooker, he answered the call admirably and helped secure our finals spot.
There has been no better clubman. Best of luck Buddha for your post footy life, you have earned it, RESPECT.


I would caution against attempting to cut H Hocking with a band saw.


For the band saw’s sake.


not really


Congrats to Buddah on winning the VFL BNF, and for being a fantastic representative of the EFC. Wish there was an offer of VFL capt for next year for him


Will always remember that goal he kicked against Carlton. Gathered the ball and ran, almost disdainfully, straight through the Carlton opposition into the fifty to put it straight through the center.


Would be a good mentor for Langers


DELISTED Bomber Heath Hocking knows it’s a longshot, but still believes he can benefit another club with his experience, leadership and hardness.

However, the veteran midfielder, who won Essendon’s VFL best and fairest this season, concedes there has been little interest from rival clubs who might consider him too old.

Former rookie Hocking, who will be 30 in December, represented Essendon in 126 games, but managed just two this season, playing in the round three loss to Carlton and the final-round win over Fremantle at Etihad Stadium before being relegated to an emergency for the elimination final against Sydney.

He feels physically fresh, having been among the raft of Bombers who missed the 2016 season with doping suspensions.

“I’m a 29-year-old, turning 30, but I think I’ve still got a bit of footy to play. There’s always that slight chance maybe and (I’m) keeping the door open, but you never know (what might happen),” Hocking told SEN on Wednesday morning.

"I still feel I can play at AFL level but there’s not much interest out there.

"(This year) my body was in really good shape – I didn’t miss a game through injury and I was covering the ground well (and) my GPS data was really good.

“Having a year off, and not playing too much the year before (through injury in 2015) helped my body recover and get ready to go again. It’s probably the disappointing part, that I’m still fit and able to go.”

A fierce competitor renowned for his professionalism, Hocking said a prospective club would also gain a player who could assist the development of youngsters – an area in which he has discovered a genuine “passion”.

“Twelve years’ experience in the game is something you can’t just get, and this year there’s been some real positives with the way I helped the young Essendon guys come up, and I know they had high regard for me and what I tried to do,” he said.

"My game is (based around being) hard in the contest and I think a lot of teams need that.

“That’s how I’d sell it, but age probably holds me back a bit (in the eyes of clubs).”

The Dons delisted Hocking’s former teammates Ben Howlett and Craig Bird on Tuesday.

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Maybe Heath can be our new attitude & hardness coach?


Hope some other club gives him a lifeline. Love footballers who are all heart like Buddha.