Not #39 - Heath Hocking


Would love to see him play VFL with us next year.


Funny story - when he first got to Eastern Ranges he’d drop the ball with his left hand to kick on his right.


Great to see Hocking staying with the club!


Very happy with this news…


One of my favourite players. I am so glad he will still be with the club, and he is a great role model for the young guys. Depending how many injuries we have, we have very little room for non AFL listed players in the VFL side, so I assume he will be a role player eg half back or the like. I really don’t want to see him or NOB taking on ball time away from all the young would be mids like Mutch, Clark, Guelfi and Mynott.


Thought i read somewhere that NO"B has signed with an EDFL club (Strathmore?) for 2018???


Great news- love this guy. May lead in to coaching opportunities if that’s what he’s after. Just pleased he’ll be part of the club still.



Same principle applies to Draper and Lavender. It’s miles more important that we get proper experience and development into the young players than winning a seconds flag. Even though our last couple of seconds flags have been promptly followed by a seniors flag.


make him captain


Fking love Buddha


Yep Strathmore


Where’s the Heath Hocking option?


Easy to underestimate the value of having such a passionate Bomber stick around to help mentor all the very promising kids on the list.
This is great news.
Just desserts for the first of the returning players to re-commit.
I’ll never forget Heater for that, nor the pride with which he always wears the Red n Black!!
Salt of the earth.


Terrific bloke is budda


Great news for the club and for Heath.


I like this a lot.



This is great

A lot of young mids and having someone with his aggression, experience and leadership in the VFL vital. Plus he is loved within the club.


Barracked for us as a kid.


Poor heath, can’t run for the board now.