Nrl 2018


Good result - now get the job done Roosters!


Lay down, you bastards.


It’ll be a cracker Wim but I think Roosters by 7.


I’ll be more than happy to witness a procession.


Either way?


Sure, I don’t mind whether it’s Suli or the Fox that smashes them.


If Cronk misses then I can’t see how the Roosters win. Storm. Is built for grand final rugby league.


its open season now so you dont even have to raise your arms you can just run into blokes…everyone knows it was a shoulder charge and everyone knows cause it was slater he would get off…

if it was round 12 or some other bloke it would have been thrown out ina minute!


Cry me a river. Been plenty of similar moves not charged at all. Was only charged because they hate the Storm


The Storm hate is always so tasty.

It’s a poorly written rule.
There were several reasons why it could reasonably have been shown not to apply to this tackle.
Turns out it was the initial point of impact, which they found was Slater’s chest rather than his shoulder or upper arm, that they hung it on.
But there were plenty of others.

‘Wah wah wah everyone knows it was a shoulder charge.’

Eh. Not the way they wrote the rule, it wasn’t.


seriously do you think he was going to tackle him last time i checked you had to use your arms…

oh go on tell me about the penrith player the nrl makes up its own rules…


His arm was there enough to avoid suspension. I play rugby and there is no way I would consider that a shoulder charge. The player he bit didn’t think it was a shoulder charge and nor did the opposing coach.

The rule wasn’t brought in for that contact. It was brought in for front on hits that carry a serious injury risk. Suspending a player for that would be insanity.

I don’t need to talk about the Penrith player cos you are clearly aware of the precedent. Anyone thinking that action deserves suspension is being clouded by their hatred of Billy/Storm


im just saying now that if someone is running through the line then you can just knock them over…

he didnt lift either of his arms and if you think his hand was trying to tackle him then you should know you dont tuck your elbow in to tackle someone…

its just another in a long line of farces that the NRL specialise in…


He absolutely lifted his arm, and what’s more he lifted his arm Before contact was made.

As to tucking the other arm it was argued he did that for protection after the carrier changed direction into Slater and lifted his own elbow.


Gosh…the pictures I saw…he lifted his arm.


Haven’t lost one we’ve been to yet.
Hope we don’t start now.


Great stuff, Wim.

I’m about to jump online & subscribe to the game.

Enjoy the live action.

And go Storm!!!


Cooper Cronk just confirmed (is playing). Hope the Storm test that shoulder.


Soooo, … that was Gang Of Youths eh?

…*shrugs * :expressionless:


Going to be a cracker.