Nrl 2018


This is fantastic. The crowd around us are going absolutely nuts. Great to see Mitchell owning Chambers as per the norm


That’s it.

Good night Irene.


A few tries and it’s over?


Looked like a little knock on a dummy half then.

Edit: No it was fine.


Yep. That’s a problem.




storm getting stormed
If it wasn’t for some silly penalties, Storm wouldn’t have got anywhere near their end.


That’s how it works.


That’s game boys. Thanks for trying for Slater.


Great first half from the Chooks, hardly done a thing wrong.


I mean you never say never, if they get 6 back before HT* there’s a chance to re set and make a comeback … but on current form, … you’d have to say it’s pretty much done.

Take a huge turn around from the Storm, … and with that Rooster defence, … highly improbable.

Edit: *They didn’t …


Had $50 on roosters at $2.25

Money for jam


I thought I was bad but geez the Chook supporters around me can hand out a good spray.


Yep. No way their defence will concede three tries in a half - gonna take a miracle from here.


Mate you should have to take it week in week out as a roosters supporters have to…writes this while sipping a latte in the eastern suburbs lol




Will take something special to win from here. Although JT did tip the Storm 19-18…


Reckon we’ve got any chance seeing you’re at the game?


I can’t imagine the Storm playing any worse than that.

Don’t think they’ll win, but they’ll get some respect back.


Nearly double the metres gained - not good.