Nrl 2018


From who? The 10 other people in the crowd? Move seats.


Alita… battle angel looks ■■■■


it will only take a simple error or 2 from the roosters to give melbourne a sniff…there is always a momentum swing at some stage and that is where the game will be won or lost


My brother hasn’t missed a Roosters game in about 4 years now so I know how they can get. Him and those around us have been calling Chambers a squib and Billy a cheat since the opening minute lol


Lol. Meanwhile Friend is playing despite his spear tackle and Mitchell only got one game for a crusher tackle worse than the one Chambers got 3 for.



boo hooo hooo spare me!


Got a foot on the line surely

Ed: Yup


Munster is a beast


Storm offense. one pass, run at pack stopped, repeat


Again a second player falls on top of a storm player on the ground a few secs late.


Like his namesake …



The bloke next to me said it’s a deliberate ploy and the players were told to do it at every available opportunity


I’m not a regular watcher but is it allowed?


If Storm can just get over the line before the Roosters score again, … things might get interesting.


Knock ON!!

Lucks a fortune. Thought they’d burnt another good chance.


Big op here. Come on, Storm!


Finally a bit of pressure from storm




Wait, … fark