Nrl 2018


Storm probably would have done better with Munster in the bin for 80 minutes


Always been an entitled type bunch of flogs.

Good mate is a supporter and the way he carries on makes me fkn hate them.


And it gets worse!!


And that is why you get C Cronk…to win grand finals even with 1 arm!


Is there a storm player who has been good?


On ground Coach.


A win for the Weapon


tedasco the better pick up. cronk helped but James is as good as it can get besides rts.

well done roosters, just too good.


The reason you get Cronk is what he did tonight…steer tehm around the ground get them over the line.

They gave underachieved over the last few years M Pearce not good enough so thats why you get cronk…


Yes. Smith. Not sure he’s ever played a bad one. And Bromwich wasn’t too bad either.


Cronk playing with broken scapula one tough man!


booing Billy Australian fullback is classless.


Who boos a player like Slater after they have won?


Its a farking sydney crowd; they’re farking neanderthals up there


West Coast?


And in his last ever game, … after all his achievements??

A pack of khunts, … that’s who


in Nsw there aren’t many players hated more than Smith and Slater.


Just saw that fkn grub on the ground


Lots of ex players out there. Good to see


Even as Australian players?