Nrl 2018


Yeah I love him too…hard as nails


Des Hasler back as coach of Manly. You cnuts don’t give a rats but the press conferences will be more entertaining.


Just who those Silvertail flogs deserve. :smirk:


Blitzers blitz Blitz!! lol


Storm have 2 home games next season at 2pm and 3pm. About time. Hard to get to night games all the time.


Wayne Bennett expected to swap with Anthony Siebold and coach the Bunnies.


Farrk if you though Desi coming to Manly was a shocker have a go at this one. Good win Broncos!


Munster staying in MELBOURNE


Really get the feeling Jarryd Hayne is an odious human being


The Hayne Plane has crashed.


Funny how he was travelling ok with sf- he was worth keeping just for merchandise sales alone. Then suddenly gets cut the same time as allegations popped up.


Will reserve judgment but not looking real good.


Originally consensual - WTF haha


Not too dissimilar from the 49ers accusation?


Im not sure of that one


Reports are suggesting that Hayne bit the female’s genitals hard enough to draw blood. Also indicated that he made the taxi wait outside the house while he went inside, meaning he wasn’t intending on spending long with her.

He sounds like a horrible human.


Bennett sacked


Good. The man is a terd.
Very good coach, very average human being.


And very apt that he goes to Souths who are a turd of a club


Not 100% sure why Souths would want Bennett in place of Siebold. Surely, the man has been around forever, like a bad smell and coaches very defensively but if he is a wanted coach then the NRL is bereft of talent in that area. And I believe he ain’t cheap! Anyway couldn’t have happened to a nicer team.