Nrl 2018


bennet is yesterdays coach…when there was no salary cap and brisbane had a state of origin team anyone could have coached them…at newcastle he was a flop!


NRL has had a horror off season. Unbelievable on this day and age. I think it’s 5 incidents of players facing charges for violence against women.




A slight generalisation Goose but when Bronco’s sign Matt Lodge for another two years anything is possible in the NRL!


Not across the league, just these morons. Yeah how the hell that guy is still allowed in the league is baffling


Flanagan gone yet? Another red alert for Greenberg.


Flanagan de-registered by the NRL


NRL boss Todd Greenberg on Wednesday confirmed disciplinary action against Flanagan following revelations the Cronulla mentor breached the terms of his 2014 season suspension, stemming from the club’s infamous supplements scandal.

Finally caught up with Cronulla after looking like they got off lightly while Essendon got Demetrioued.


The silly basterd was still meeting and signing players whilst he was suspended


and won a premiership in 2016! They might do what they did with Storm and take it off them - the’re cactus anyway with the fine, no sponsors and now no coach!!


Emulating the fortunes of their No 1 supporter…



He may become available, although I doubt even Cronulla are that desperate.


Wayne is bringing his Bunnies to Albury to play a Riverina side in February - bring your sunscreen & cap Wayne. It’ll be worth a squizz just to see the master coach in action. Farrk if only Manly weren’t rubbish I could get stuck into some local Bunnies supporters (and there are a lot of them).


Zero chance they will take anyone’s premiership except ours. They hate our success


New Zealand?


Can Smith re signs for another two years.


Amazing. Just about in time to move into coaching


Sures up the side for 2 years! He is an on field coach/general.


Thought he started to get a bit slower last season - has been the best general for a long time but the old adage of one season too many springs to mind. I hope not as Roosters are going to need some opposition this season.


This off season just keeps giving. I can’t remember any sport having a worse off season.