Nrl 2018


It’s 2 guys watching an older guy short coke from about 8 years ago. However likely it might be, there is no proof that they snorted any themselves.

I think some parts of the media are bored


Interesting Souths are jubilant. We would be devastated if the Bombers had those figures.

Club Memberships Jan 2019 Memberships Jan 2018
South Sydney 27,271 25,859
Brisbane Broncos 25,049 25, 573
Parramatta Eels 19,951 17,643
Melbourne Storm 18,332 18,550
Newcastle Knights 15,889 12,281
Wests Tigers 15,512 10,902
Penrith Panthers 13,846 15,068
Cronulla Sharks 13,276 11,841
New Zealand Warriors 12,713 8,305
St George Illawarra Dragons 12,403 11,749
Sydney Roosters 12,065 11,219
Canberra Raiders 12,002 12,712
North Queensland Cowboys 11,351 10,711
Canterbury Bulldogs 10,153 10,796
Manly Sea Eagles 9,242 9,498
Gold Coast Titans 5,466 5,335


the slow rotting corpse of the NRL limps into another season


WOO! Go Bunnies!!


It’s the Wayne factor!


Manly is interesting.




Its crazy, I thought they were a big club.


Most political, infighting club in the NRL. Had a huge bustup last year with former player Bob Fulton which impacted on relations within the club and lost their coach because of the substandard facilities. Will finish last this year for sure. Need to start again from scratch - let’s see what Des Hasler can do with a very ordinary group of players!


Oh Ben Barber


Barba’s an idiot. Given chance after chance but throws it all away. Alcohol, gambling, drugs and wife bashing. Can’t get much more of a mess.


Barba is the Todd Carney of the NRL… oh wait…


I’m glad we can all see who the real victim is.


Mitchell Pearce and Dylan Napa are in danger of being given the sack (no pun intended) or at least sanctioned very heavily.

There’s a video circulating around of Pearce snorting a line off Napa’s johnson. That is peak NRL.

Both lads have michael priors.


Who does a line off their mate’s farking stalk?


Hahaha I know right. I feel bad for having seen it lol.
They’re on another level these crazies.
Didn’t one bloke get sucked off by his dog a few years back? Joel Monahan I think.




Sometimes one comes across a sentence/question they never thought they would hear. This is such a time.


Jack Watts snorts a line of whatever off a German bird.

NRL says “hold my nosebeers”


So there is stuff you’ve never tried - not even a tinsy winsy bit curious? :joy: