Nrl 2018


Pearce does come across as a bit intellectually challenged so maybe he thought everyone was snorting c o c k and wanted to join in.


its ok though, that was also wiesn pulver


Team for tomorrow night at Albury Sports Ground Bunnies v Riverina. Don’t care if it’s NRL or The Bunnies it’s football - been a long, dour summer (yes I do read the training reports).

  1. Corey Allan
  2. Mawene Hiroti
  3. Campbell Graham
  4. Jacob Gagan
  5. Cory Denniss
  6. Dean Hawkins
  7. Connor Tracey
  8. Junior Tatola
  9. Billy Brittain
  10. Kurt Dillon
  11. Jack Johns
  12. Kyle Turner ©
  13. Lucky Ta’avale
  14. Rhys Kennedy
  15. Bayley Sironen
  16. Keaon Koloamatangi
  17. Tarquinn Alatipi-Butler
  18. Ky Rodwell


Inaugural Aussie Indigy All Stars Vs NZ Maori All Stars Game on 9 Gem tonight.

Kick off in 30 mins @ 8.10. :+1:


I’ve been saying they should do this for about a decade, … looks fkn exciting already.

Fairly evenly matched, but the Maori lads go up by a try early. Indigy boys are coming back at 'em though, …

Edit: And IN they go!!


Josh Addo-Carr with a 2nd within 2 minutes. Woo. Gee this is slick.

Convert this time. 10 - 6

Edit: (fkn discourse wont let you post more than 3times in a row now WTF??, … @theDJR will be screwed at the VFL, as will others. :roll_eyes: )

This has been absolutely electric. 20 - 10 to the Aussies at HT.


Must have been related to the new update. DJR has done it before, though may be because he is a mod he gets past it?

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Working tonight unfortunately


I’d really like to see an Indigenous versus a Non Indigy Aussie team.

That would be something.

Maori side seem to have dropped their bundle, … Aussies running away with it now.

28 - 14,


That they did that a couple of years back? Wasn’t it the NRL all-star vs indigenous all-star?


You know, as I posted that I had a vague memory they had lol.

Oh well, … just add “every year” to that post, … :wink:


Chooks beat Wigan 20-8 in the WCC to once again prove the NRL’s superiority


5000 people watch the South Sydney 2nds dismantle Riverina 52-10 in Albury! Maybe the off season publicity has people interested in NRL.